Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Inspired by Nature (Leaves, Mushroom and Birds)

Whew! Another day over and closer to my long weekend! 

I'm often inspired by nature for colour combinations in my clothes (seriously, nature mixes every colour - and it works), but sometimes it's the little details that I like.
Soft olives and neutrals today. This is my trusty dark olive blazer (last seen here over my 70s kitchen ensemble). So we have our green. Lots of green in nature.

From there, we have this fabulous skirt. The colour is called mushroom, and it's pretty close to the mushrooms I buy. I had some mushroom soup today, in fact and it was delicious.
I last wore this skirt for a shopping expedition (here, with a yellow poncho). I love the way it swooshes when I walk.
It's very long, so I roll the waist a couple of times so that it doesn't drag on the ground when I'm walking to and from work.

I wore a mid-height heel at work:
There they are! My un-Vizzini-fied Fluevogs, which I last wore here with my butterscotch velvet jacket.
These are one of the most comfortable pairs of Fluevogs that I own - highly recommended!

My Smoking Lily obi was worn over the jacket (I had a black camisole on under it) - look, leaves! And that wing shape near the bottom is a maple tree seed (a helicopter, if you're from Canada).
My earrings and my spoon bracelet are also leaf shapes. And there are the birds, swooping around my neck in a joyous celebration of spring.

Jacket (RW& Co., consignment), cami (Esprit), skirt (Club Monaco), obi (Smoking Lily), shoes (Wonders Ayers, Fluevog), necklace (gift from Mom), spoon bracelet (About Tine), earrings (Plum), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), jade ring (Mom's, vintage 70s).


  1. I love everything about this look! And we call maple seeds helicopters in Kansas too.

  2. Yes, they are the most comfortable Fluevogs ever! I hope they come out with more from that shoe family. Love the Obi - my street is covered in helicopters right now. I used to stick them on my nose when I was a kid.

  3. The skirt is devine!! You would look so good in the dress I am giving away, Shelia...come on over and register!!

  4. I am likely repeating myself, but I adore that necklace whenever you show it! Love this whole look, a pleated skirt is so fab.

  5. So beautiful! I love that skirt... also, mad jelly of your Fluevogs.

  6. I have always called maple seeds helicopters since I was little in Michigan. But since then whenever I've said that to anyone, they've looked at me as though I was crazy. So I'm glad to know that there are others who say the same. I really enjoy your blog, I'm a recent reader. Thanks for taking the time to write it. Cheers, Kelly

  7. So nice to read along with your inspiration and why you picked each piece! Such a beautiful outfit resulting from it too :)

  8. It does seem like a mushroom color! I love mushrooms - mushroom soup sounds delicious!

  9. I have adored that skirt in every outfit you have posted of it!!-
    i love the Nature inspired outfit!
    And we call then helicopters here in Western Maryland/East coast

  10. Beautiful! Nature is the best inspiration. You wear a long skirt so well. I remember that cute note the Fluevog people sent you after the Bad Kitty Chewing incident...

    And I call them helicopters too, isn't that funny?

  11. This is such a refreshing outfit. I am madly in love with your bird necklace.

  12. OMG -- that outfit is FABULOUS...very sophisticated in a natural way (must be all that nature inspiration, lol) -- love it!


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