Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Edwardian Waistcoat

Ack! I'm caught off guard by it being Tuesday - already! 

I had to get the new-to-me Betsey Johnson top into an outfit right away.
I thrifted it on the weekend here for $2.50 (two-fifty!). I had fun making people at my work guess how much I paid for it. Hee!

I wore it over top of my ruffled white shirt (last seen here, being an office punk). I was happy that both pieces stayed in place well. The stiffness and slim cut of the shirt worked well with this waistcoat layered over it.
And I sat up really straight too. Bonus!

I love the way the collar stands up on this blouse. It felt very Edwardian (as in the era of King Edward).
The funky skirt was last seen way, way back in the February 2012 capsule (recap here), where I wore it 6 times.

The stuff:
Love these shoes - I last wore them here in February with flies and turquoise (and a leather skirt that went buh-bye). I went with brown to pull in the rusty-burgundy colours of the top.

I wanted all the accessories to have a rich brocade type of feel, like the leaves and flowers in the Betsey top. To me, that means more leaves.
The necklace is so cool. It was my grandmother's.

Top (Betsey Johnson, thrifted), blouse (Uno Due, thrifted), skirt (Morena, consignment), shoes (Nine West, thrifted), necklace (Lisner, vintage, Grandma J's), spoon bracelet (About Tine), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), ring (Poly, thrifted), earrings (Plum).


  1. Great outfit and I LOVE that necklace! Gorgeous!

  2. Great outfit-- even more great since it's a posture booster!

  3. Oh, I love that Betsey Johnson top! The layering is perfect! My kind of style for sure!!


  4. I love white blouses - and the stand-up collar on this one is VERY attractive! And what a great idea - to gather & wear the leave-motif accessories :)

    What a store-house of clothing & accessories you have! You never seem to exhaust the possibilities & combinations. It's so inspirational to see.

  5. Such a nice outfit! I really like that top layered over the shirt :)

  6. Yummy! Love this combination. King Edward, eat your heart out! : >

  7. You knew exactly how you wanted to war the Betsey Johnson top as soon as you bought it - and here you are, looking fabulous in it! It does look great layered over the blouse, just as you imagined, and the bronze/brocade/leaf theme of the jewellery is beautiful That necklace of your grandmother's is gorgeous. xxx

  8. Fabulous. That waistcoat was a fabulous find! I love the skirt too - it adds some drama to the bottom so that it's not all "party on top, business on the bottom". :)

  9. I love how you styled it! It looks great with the blouse and skirt! I also love that you had your co-workers play a "guess how much it cost" game!

  10. Fabulous!! Lady-like yet a bit edgy!!! That top i'll bet is going to be a player in your wardrobe!!

  11. Love the waistcoat!! This is totally modern steampunk look. You do this sort of look so well. A little fantastical magic in the modern world.

  12. This is stunning, Sheila! I also loved your styling of the "canoes & dress" on the weekend. You are so skilled at amazing combinations of elements, colour, texture, shape! And outrageously awesome scores. :)

  13. The necklace got even better, knowing it's your granny's. I love these colors on you. Scrumptious.

  14. What a bargain, i like the richness in the color and the fabric. I like thick fabrics as they hold evrything in place!


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