Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Hot Day and Some Shopping (Featuring a Mystery Brand)

Happy Hot Sunday! It's up in the 20s again today and I'm dyin' over here! This is summer weather for us - I expect there will be a lot of sun-burned people at work tomorrow.

I went out this morning to get groceries. I also swung by my work to pick up my mp3 player (forgotten in the excitement of it being Friday), and then had a leisurely browse through the Women in Need (WIN) warehouse store. 
As well as being slathered in SPF 60 sunblock (expired, had to buy more), I covered up mostly from head to toe to keep the sun off my delicate skin. I'm linking up to Patti's "Visible Monday" over at Not Dead Yet Style!

My cream sandals were worn 6 times in the June 2012 capsule (recap here). I liked how the pearlized cream worked with the yellow of the poncho. This poncho was worn 3 times in the August 2012 capsule (recap here), and was wonderfully light to wear - the breeze ruffled the hem most delightfully.

I kept the underneath pretty simple, since I only took the poncho off to try things on.
This tee is one that never made it into a capsule (I was surprised just now to check my spreadsheets and see that!). I last wore it in December 2011 (for a Neutrals Week), and before that in July 2011 with bright yellow. I bought it on consignment in May 2011 (worn here with my poufy bright skirt that I said goodbye to last year) for $16.00 - it's by RW & Co. (a Canadian mall chain store). I don't mind that I haven't worn it a ton. I like the colour and the cut-out embroidered detail at the neckline.

The skirt is my wonderful Club Monaco "mushroom" maxi that I wore 5 times in the all-neutral June 2012 capsule (recap here).
It billowed and swirled as I walked around, although I did step on it a couple of times. I swapped purses to this cool Aldo fruit bag, because it looked so rad with the outfit. However, it doesn't fit over the shoulder and was a bit of a pain for shopping. But I looked good, dagnabbit!

Poncho (BCBG Max Azria, thrifted), top (RW & Co., consignment), belt/skirt (Club Monaco), sandals (Artisan by Clark's, consignment), bag (Aldo).

I had a great day at WIN - I found some amazing things, starting with this incredible silk shantung vintage dress:
It has some pretty interesting boobular action (I will have to hike my boobs way up when I wear it), but the single pleat at the front is so cute and the dress fits me perfectly. It's in immaculate condition (rare!), and is probably from the mid- to early-1960s. I imagine it was worn maybe once (there is not a mark on it, not even in the armpits), and then sat in someone's closet until she died. Yes, I'm calling it: this is a Dead Old Lady Dress.

Check out the label:
It's fully lined and I found this label at the bottom of the zipper:
It's a union-made dress, and made in Canada. Nice. It was only $13.50 - that kind of kills me. I see SO many cheap H&M and Forever 21 and mall store crap items being sold for so much more in thrift and consignment stores, and yet this 50 year old dress, hand made of silk is only $13.50. *sigh* Oh well, at least it's getting a good home with me!

Someone got jealous of all the attention I was giving the dress:
"What about me? I want a tummy rub!"
The look of outrage as I continued taking pictures is evident. Beware the blurry twitching tail and the barely-retracted claws.
"I will find some other way to get attention."
I also found this really cool white cotton/spandex blouse:
It's by Uno Due, which appears to be a Netherlands brand. I like the high, ruffled collar and the puckered front panel, contrasted with the hard elements of the snaps down the front and on the cuffs. It was on half price for $7.25.

I found this amazing silk scarf for $4.50:
Vizzini flopped right down and laid on it.
The colours are orange, beige and olive green. I see that there's a big H logo on it, but there is no tag or label anywhere on the scarf. All the edges are hand-rolled, and from the hard creases of it, I'd guess this never got worn.

Any thoughts on what the H could be? My first thought was Halston or Hermes, but neither of them use just an H, do they?
"I shall eat this card!"
I had to carefully extract the scarf from the cat, as he wanted to play "sink the claws" into it.

I also found this fantastic graphic full cotton black and white skirt:
It was $14.50 and is by Bedo, a Canadian company. It doesn't have a lining or pockets, but I love the strong pattern and the full cut.

From retro to modern and back to more recent retro, I found this boxy silk blouse for $8.50.
I used to love this cut of top in the mid-80s. This is squarely 1985-86, for sure. ("Fer shure!"). The brand is I. Magnin, which I recall being very high-end back in the day. Don't you love the rich cerulean blue? I don't know how much I'll wear it, but for $8.50, a couple of times could be enough.

My last big find of the day goes to a purse. Now, I am not a major purse person, especially not like Australian blogger Mica, who has the best purses of any blogger I've seen (don't know her? Check her out at Away From Blue, and her adorable puppy Cooper too!). I tend to have about 6 purses that I rotate and then use for a couple of weeks straight (whether they go with my outfit or not), and then change. I'm boring that way.

But this purse was so awesome, I couldn't believe my good fortune.
First, it's real leather, and made in Italy. The brand is "The Trend" which I've never heard of, but at this link (info only), I see that their cross-body bags start at $155 and go to $175. Wow, score! I paid $18.50.

Every zipper pull has "the Trend" stamped on it (you can see two of them up there), and it's got a big central compartment (zipped), plus two more on the front, and one on the back.
The strap is fully adjustable and although the corners of the bag have a tiny bit of wear, this bag is like new. The chocolatey-brown leather is thick, but soft and supple. This will be a really useful addition to my collection.

And how was your weekend? Did any cats try to snag your possibly-Halston scarves?


  1. That pink dress is to DIE for. I've been looking for one like that for awhile now!

  2. Oooh the lovely maxi returns! That skirt is like the embodiment of warm weather to me. Cream, crinkled and floaty.

    I love the black and white skirt! I never can turn down a good full skirt. Excellent score on that bag! I'm not really a bag person either. I hate having to transfer everything from bag to bag.

    I had a pretty good weekend. Scored a pair of plaid cotton trousers, a wool plaid skirt with the cutest pleated ruffle along the bottom, and a sleeveless blue buttonup - all for $6.

    It turned cold and rainy here, but the DH spent out time babying the inlaws dog while they're out of town and mixing up cocktails for Cinco de Mayo.

    Overall a good relaxing weekend before we jump back into the fray.

  3. Sheila, had a fantastic weekend but no cats were involved. Very impressed with your WIN shopping spree, you did well, my dear. My favorite pick is hands down, the shantung vintage dress, which I know will look amazing on you.
    I'm really loving your maxi skirt, especially how you paired it today with the yellow pancho, so feminine and flowy.

  4. That pink dress is WOW! Love the square cut blue top-- I would totally just wear that with the full cut black and white skirt!
    Becky :)

  5. The yellow and your skirt really highlight your face. You are stunning in this.
    Great finds too! I look forward to seeing you in the pink dress in particular.

  6. haha you are too kind! Thanks for the shoutout for my purse habit. It's a sickness. A wonderful, wonderful sickness. :)

    Love the yellow and cream together in your outfit - a nice light outfit for a warm day! :) Your made some amazing purchases too - really like the bargain bag you found, and the 'dead old lady dress' sounds really creepy but looks amazing!

  7. Great shopping! I can't wait to see you in the pink dress. Fab score on the purse too. Thanks for sharing the goods, and the sweetie-boy cat, with Visible Monday!

  8. Had a quick look at the Hermes site, for the first time ever, because who needs that kind of temptation, and some of their scarves do feature an H, much like the one on your new scarf.

  9. First--the gorgeous swirly swishty maxi returns!1 love it with the poncho!!

    Wow did you score--the pink dress is just stunning!! The white blouse has a vaguely steampu nky look to it. The blue blouse will be a nice layering piece--great color!1 and the skirt is cute cute cute!!
    But not as cute a Vizzini!!!

  10. Your outfit is perfect for a day of shopping. Billowy and comfortable.

    Love the dress. I can't wait to see it on you. Your Vizzini photos make me miss my boys. :( I hope to be reunited with them soon.

  11. That scarf looks very, VERY Hèrmes to me, the H font and the scarf's color make me think that way.
    You found some amazing deals Sheila, the black and white skirt and the Italian bag are true treasures.

  12. The yellow poncho and floaty maxi are perfect together - you certainly have a wonderful way with volume (I am thinking also of your culottes and sweater look). I am watching, taking notes, and learning!
    Love the pink 60s dress, what a find. And I can really see you in the white shirt and the black and white skirt, very you. Yes, I remember that cropped boxy shape on tops from the 80s (early 80s, I was thinking) but it really doesn't suit me! I will look forward to another Sheila Style Lesson in how to wear it without looking square!
    Wouldn't it be awesome if that scarf was Hermes? Don't let naughty Vizzini puncture it with his daggers! xxxx

  13. I've discovered our thrift stores will add $5 onto an article of clothing if the brand is popular -- regardless f quality. I'm always thrilled to fine cheaper better quality items!

  14. Oh my, so many goodies! Love the poncho...that is the perfect shade of yellow if you ask me. Love that pink dress too -- so retro, can't wait to see how you put it together in an outfit. I'm not a purse girl either, probably way less than you even. It's almost all about function and comfort with me. But I totally covet that bag -- what a GREAT find.

    You really do raise thrifting to an art, my dear :)

  15. Kitty! I love him! I always smile when I see your Vizzini pictures!

    I really love your yellow poncho and the purse was a fantastic find!

  16. Well, I'm wrong. A human woman can look good in white shoes! Never thought it was possible, but you got me! You look adorable in all. I'm impressed, as always!
    But, Dead Old Lady Dress? SCUSE ME????!!!! That dress is precisely from my era and ... wait, I am an old lady. Nevermind.
    Adorable, soon-to-be-up-to-no-good kitty makes my day. I had one that awakened me this morning by attacking my toes, full pounce from windowsill, claws extended. Owww.
    All gorgous at your house! Have a great, keeping cool week.

  17. Gah, blogger swallowed my comment.

    The poncho looks perfect with your maxi skirt. I love the new bag (bought on holiday by someone then maybe not worn much?) and the blue 80's top.

    Your boob hitching comments on the pink dress made me laugh, look forward to seeing that on. Agree it is mad that it sold for less/same as rubbish sweatshop stuff. Glad you are the new careful owner...

    I had a lovely weekend thank you - a bank holiday in the UK- went to a meditation workshop Saturday, had in laws round for shopping and a meal on Sunday and pottered about on Monday in the sunshine! Lots of burned coworkers, like with you, today...


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