Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pink, Red, a Skull and the Galaxy

Thank you all for your kind comments and sympathy over my crappy day yesterday - it was sort of better today (although I did spill my coffee all over the floor in the grocery store on the way to work, but I'm not going to dwell). 

So, let's just fake it.
Look, bright colours! Pay no attention to the cranky lady wearing them!

I have been wanting to wear my Smoking Lily pink skull skirt for a while, especially now that we are in bare-legs season again. I wore it three times in the December 2012 capsule (recap here), but because it's not lined, I had "tight-creep" issues (or slip riding-up issues). I am happy to report that it was much better today!
The top is that really stretchy plastic material (I think it's called ponte) that I generally loathe - I prefer natural fibres whenever possible. Thank goodness I thrifted this for only $8.00. I wore it twice in the June 2012 all-neutral capsule (recap here).
I liked the mix of hot pink and red in this outfit (my camisole is red). The shoes are showstoppers!

The stuff:
The shoes are also quite comfortable. I wore them four times in the September 2012 capsule (recap here).

The sparkly bits (I forgot to take off my earrings, but I'm wearing bigass pearl studs):
Getting lots of wear out of my awesome Fulvia ring by Wendy Brandes. It was the first time for the "galaxy" brooch, which I wore pinned just above the wrap tie on my top. I also wore the vaguely spidery ring. Perhaps it represents the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Top (Talbot's, thrifted), cami (Mexx), skirt (Smoking Lily), shoes (Locale), brooch (Sarah Coventry, vintage), ring (vintage), Fulvia ring (Wendy Brandes), earrings (Aldo Accessories).


  1. Great shoes. I'd live in your closet if I had a key. :)

  2. Show stoppers indeed - those shoes are gorgeous! I would wear those a lot more often if I were you.

  3. Love the brights with the skirt and shoes! It;s such a nice skirt :) Glad it's getting to bare legs weather for you too - it's starting to get a bit too chilly here for bare legs and I'm not quite ready to pull out the winter tights yet! Trying to resist, haha.

  4. Love those showstopper shoes! and the sparkly bits are as always perfecto! I've missed some of your sassy recent posts (somehow) but I think I've caught up now. Phew!

  5. Great mix of hot pink and red! The shoes are slaying me with their beauty.

  6. Ooh I like this outfit a lot. The pink is fabulous, the red shoes are fabulous and I love the way the the top ties on the side. Sorry it was another not so fabulous day though! I hope things are good today!

  7. you are the Queen of cool shoes!!
    I love the outfit--the brightness of the skirt with the more neutral top!! and your new pin and ring look great together!

  8. This is a super cute outfit, but I most especially LOVE those shoes -- they are awesome! How can you possibly be cranky w/shoes like THAT, lol :D

  9. Ohgoodness. I'm behind. Old Reader just showed two of your posts in my feed, this one hadn't shown up yesterday.

    I adore that skirt! And the brooch on the wrap shirt is a brilliant idea.

  10. I can tell that its getting warmer by the day where you live... because those killer shoes are out and about!


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