Monday, May 13, 2013

Slanted Buttons and Swooshy Skirt

Ah, Monday, most reviled day of the week. I had a crappy day, and now I'm sitting here in my workout gear while L finishes watching the hockey game (go, Boston!).

Today's outfit:
The new-to-me slanted-buttoned jacket debuts, purchased at the vintage fair over the weekend (here, in case you missed the ginormous post). I wasn't 100% on this when I bought it, and although I liked it in today's outfit, it was still a little meh to me.

What say you, fashion blogland?

These colours looked a lot closer in my closet late last night - funny how that happens.
I last wore the swooshy skirt here in April with my caramel velvet jacket.

It was quite breezy on the way home today (I avoided the rain, fortunately, considering I didn't have a coat or an umbrella), and I had to hold the sides of the skirt down. Swoosh!
Flats were lovely for all the running around I did - I logged over 8,000 steps by 3pm.

The stuff:
Minus my earrings, which I forgot to take off. I wore my pretty red beaded rose, and added other swirly and floral patterns.

Speaking of floral patterns, isn't he lining of the jacket lovely? It's silk.
Love these flats. I last wore them out bowling at the end of March, here.

Jacket (Penguin, vintage, second-hand), skirt (Corey Lynn Calter, consignment), shoes (I [heart] Billy), belt (Plum), ring (Sarah Coventry, vintage), bracelet/earrings (Myka), pin (thrifted).


  1. That lining is gorgeous! Sometimes, it's too bad that the lining is always hidden -- at least you get to showcase that jacket's gorgeous inside on the blog!

  2. I agree with the last comment: too bad that the lining is hidden! Once again, I LOVE your shoes!! You have the best shoes!


    PS - sorry your day was bad. Hope tomorrow is wonderful!!

  3. Today was rough for me, too. But the day ended with a satisfying Game 7 victory for the Rangers. (Hey, you mentioned hockey!)

  4. Oh! I knew that jacket would look amazing on you - and it does. I really like it. It almost has an old-fashioned military nurse feel to it.

  5. I like the jacket, but I can see why it's a little "meh." But that lining is pretty hard to resist! Maybe you need to wear the jacket with something more contrasty - mustard? navy? brighter red or green?

  6. I thnk the jacket is gorgeous & looks fab on you Sheila! I can see it working really well with a pencil skirt too.

  7. Sorry you had a bad day! I really like the jacket on you - maybe you just weren't feeling it as you weren't having the best day. Hope that you have a better day tomorrow! :)

  8. That is a terrific outfit and I enjoyed seeing the close up of the jewelry. And I am glad to see the red hair back. You look amazing.

  9. Agreed with Megan - slightly military, very vint-y, love it. It's a little high on the neckline for you, can it be jiggled with? Love those shoes!!

  10. I'm not figuring out why you call it "slanted button". (I'll have to look closer.) I didn't comment on your last post, but I really, REALLY liked the black skirt & jacket outfit. I think the skirt length is just perfect on you. I loved the photo showing your backside :) And those red heels! WOW!

  11. I think the jacket works - like Megan said, it has kind of a military vibe which is way cool. The lining is awesome too. Maybe try with a different kind of skirt?

  12. I love the jacket!! The style, the piping. I think it needs a different "bottom"--i instantly thought of wearing it over your senorita dress!

  13. Sorry about the crappy Monday, Sheila. The jacket is a nice shape and the piping and buttons are great, but as Patti said, I wonder if the neckline is a little high? The colour is quite neutral so maybe it needs something strong and vibrant to lift it, although the print and colours on that lovely skirt are pretty lively... Hmmm... not sure but if anyone can test out all the styling options, it's you! How about with a sexy pencil skirt (leather?) or a maxi? Just thinking out loud! xxxx

  14. I vote keep the jacket, I like how the twist in the buttons and the sleeves fit. Glad your Monday has gone now, if it was crappy.

  15. I had a bad week . so a bad day does not sound sooo bad !
    That jacket is an eye catcher.


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