Friday, May 24, 2013

Spanish Ladies, the Last of the Jacket, Bad Beer, and 15 Months Between Jeans

Miss me? I had a late night last night, and knew I'd be free tonight, so it's a double-shot of Thursday's and Friday's outfits. It's a wardrobe bonanza!
First up, thanks to both Val Sparkle*, who suggested something more contrast-y with this jacket (last seen here with reds and purples), and Tamera*, who thought it would look good over my senorita dress. You were both so right!
*linking 'cause I adore both of these ladies!

I haven't worn the Spanish lady dress since I wore it three times way back in the September 2012 capsule (recap here).
That's my new blue leather belt for a pop of colour. This dress is great for mixing colours - it has so many in it.

This is the second wear of the jacket and I have decided not to keep it.
Although I like the military vibe, it has limiting features: the double-breasted front is not vertical (it slants to one side), and because of the slant and the double row of buttons, it can't be worn open. Also, the neckline is quite high, and I prefer it a bit lower. So, sorry cute jacket, you're gone.

The stuff:
I will wear these shoes until they fall apart. I last wore them only 2 weeks ago, here, doing a classic 80s vibe.

Sparkly stuff:
My Wendy Brandes rings, and my favourite silver feather earrings.

Jacket (Penguin, vintage), dress (Lirub), belt (Danier Leather), shoes (Feet First), rings (Wendy Brandes), earrings (locally made). 

So last night, we had a Games Night at work. People bring board games, like Ticket to Ride, or Carcassone, and we all play what interests us. We have beer and Subway sandwiches. Anyway, I had a couple of beers, and my last one was an IPA, with a high amount of hops (which seems to be trendy right now). I don't drink beer very often, mostly because of the high calories, but I usually like darker beers, like Guinness.

Anyway, I woke up at four in the morning, feeling uncomfortable and itchy, but put it down to hormones. I'm groggy in the morning, and didn't really get a look at myself until I got out of the shower - I was covered in hives! My eyes were puffed, my lips were swollen, and seriously, red spots everywhere.

After I checked with L (no spots on him), and being able to eliminate bedbugs (ugh, shudder) as the culprit, I guessed that it was that hoppy beer. I sometimes get stuffed up when I have a beer, and I could feel that, only a bit stronger. I took an antihistamine right away, as well as ibuprofen.
You can see a bit of the redness on my chest, and my face is puffy. My life is so full of drama! (or maybe that's just me, ha!).

But I'm feeling better, so that's a relief. Still spotty, but much less. Scary! I didn't know I was allergic to anything. No more beer for me! That's it, I'm not going to take a chance on going into anaphylactic shock.

However, let's move on to more fun topics, like clothes! Are you agog that I'm wearing jeans?? I haven't worn jeans on the blog (I wear a pair of worn-out ones around the house sometimes) since I wore these same cropped jeans four times in the February 2012 capsule (recap here).
I was actually relieved that they fit! You never know after 15 months what one's body will decide to do - like break out in hives.

The tunic top is a thin poly covered in this tree and zigzag pattern. I wore this twice in the all-neutral June 2012 capsule (recap here), both times with this same brown t-shirt cardi, although it shared its affections with other tops that month, as I wore it 5 times.
I had forgotten that the zipper on these pants likes to open up, so I was very happy that the tunic covered that!

I haven't been taking pictures of my outerwear too much, but I've been relying heavily on my leathers. They're perfect for cold spring mornings, and not too heavy for when the sun's out.
Red is the colour of choice for me, most days.

The stuff:
Yeah, I built the outfit around the shoes! I just bought them this past weekend (here) for $24.00 at the local thrift shop, and I had to wear them this week. They are a bit stiff (obviously barely worn), and one of the straps rubbed the top of one foot, as well as a bit of a rub on an ankle, but not too bad. I could feel them softening up as I wore them.

Round things:
The earrings in the bottom left corner are homegrown vintage from around 1993. I bought them at the mall store I briefly worked at, LA Express (sister store of Suzy Shier, for you Canucks).

Cardigan (Alternative Apparel, thrifted), tunic (Dex), jeans (Sandwich, swap from Caro), shoes (Ramon Tenza, thrifted), cuff (SkinZnHydez), spoon bracelet (About Tine), spinner ring (Twang & Pearl), nail ring (Club Monaco), earrings (LA Express. 90s).

I hope you have a great weekend! Happy Memorial Day weekend to my US friends!


  1. Someone else in the world can love that jacket -- you rock versatility, and if this one won't rock it with you, so be it!
    I "play" with my allergies. I can break out in hives with chocolate one day, and have no reaction to it the next. Often, it's a combination of foods, or environments and food. It's been 2 decades since I had a MAJOR reaction (you know, the rush you to the ER, wish you had an epi pen kind of thing). That being said, the MINUTE I reacted even the slightest bit to lobster three years ago, I cut out all fish and seafood. I've heard the older you are when you develop allergies the worse they can be. No idea if it's true or not, but I figure it's not worth the risk (I was never a big seafood or fish eater). It's weird how the body works -- my father in law drank wine nightly, and used the same laundry detergent for years. One day, he started a new job, and something at work must weaken his immune system, because now both cause severe allergic reactions. Strange strange strange.

  2. Hi Sheila...I love this cute casual outfit!

  3. Aww goodbye cute jacket. I LOVE the combo of ankle pants and those shoes. Those magnificent, magnificent shoes.

    Also fwiw, a large percentage of people don't react to bedbug bites at all. Some people are really allergic. So judging by bites isn't a way to tell if you have them or not (though I'm sure you also checked furniture and all that - bedbugs are just a personal phobia, especially as a second hand shopper. I educated myself into panic attacks a few years ago when I heard of them).

    As for allergies, I'm so sorry! I find myself more and more intolerant of certain foods as I get older. It really sucks.

  4. Glad you're feeling better, buddy. That first dress is very attractive.

  5. I have to agree on the jacket, I think the collar is too hight and that even though you are wearing a belt and the jacket is tailored it does not do your figure justice.
    And i hope the day comes when I can say that I have gone a month without jeans !

  6. Whoa! That must have been kinda scary! (Hives, I mean.)
    I DO like the jeans - you look great in them!
    I agree with your decision re. the jacket.
    Have a great weekend! Remember about the beer thing.

  7. Happy weekend Sheila! Love the senorita dress and the blue shoes. The allergic reaction was scary! Beware the beer. xoxoxo

  8. wow, I'm honored you took my suggestion to wear the jacket with the Spanish ladies dress. It looks great!! Altho I can understand that the jacket, while awesome, just isn't "you". Someone else will LOVE it!!

    EEK to the hives!!! Glad you're recovering from them and may have identified the source.
    Love your casual outfit--the tunic is stunning and THOSE SHOES!!! Are FABULOUS!!

    I'm finding I'm wearing jeans far less these days after wearing them ALL THE TIME!!!

  9. the jacket goes so well with the dress, but I agree if you aren't enjoying wearing it it's not a keeper.

    So glad you are feeling better after your terrible reaction! I wonder if it was something they add to the beer, if you can drink others okay? My sister reacts to cheese, sometimes. We narrowed it down to one type of cheese, but not sure what the brand is, as when we narrowed it down to a particular meal the restaurant couldn't say what brand they had used in her dish. She's only had the reactions twice over her entire life, so it's not common, which is good!

  10. Yes, yes, yes!!!! That's the first thing I thought when I saw the first picture, so I was pleased when I saw my name mentioned. Too bad about the jacket, but it's good you're so decisive and you know what you want. If you ever get rid of the Spanish ladies dress - CALL ME! That's so gorgeous! I also love the tunic, and you look great in jeans (not surprising).

    Stick to wine, you'll always feel fine!

  11. Did blogger eat my comment? If not, feel free to delete this one!

    I know you are getting rid of the jacket, but it is still lovely that you received great ideas on what to try it with.

    I lovethe white/black patterned top, with jeans (!) and that red leather coat was such a good buy.

    Do listen to your body now - allergies can be serious. My issue is with dairy, and recently, eggs. I get a red and hot ash on my face and neck. Glad you are feeling better now.

  12. Drink wine from now on :)

    I love the colors of that dress, and paired w/the olivey tone of the jacket yet contrasted w/the pops of blue in belt & shoes is gorgeous. That said, I hear you on the jacket, I don't care for double breasted for the exact same reasons. But the color is great w/that outfit and w/your hair & skin tones.

    You look so cute in jeans! Love the shoes you paired them w/too.

  13. You look great in jeans! l love that red jacket, oh my word i do! x

  14. I don't blame you on the jacket, I think it would be kind of difficult to work with.

    What a crazy reaction to the beer! My sis-in-law's boyfriend recently stopped drinking beer because of the gluten in it. Allergies are just crazy.

    I really like the jeans you're wearing!


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