Saturday, May 4, 2013

Bright Brocade and Leopard and Coral

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend! It's gorgeous and hot here - such a treat. It's around 20 degrees right now (that's in the mid-70s to you folks on the other scale) and the skies are blue! 

Friday was also beautiful - strangely, half the office seemed to disappear after lunch. Hmmm...
I dressed Springy! This is my wonderful peony brocade skirt (worn twice in the April 2012 capsule (recap here). I've had it for over 3 years now, and I still love it.

For Casual Friday, I did a mustard cami with my denim shirt tied at the waist.
I love it as a layering piece - I last wore it here back in March. I pinned one of my fake flowers to the collar.

I also wore a yellow bangle and silver feather earrings.
 ...and my purpley-grey flats, last seen here last weekend.

It was a bit chilly in the morning, so I threw on my yellow leather jacket.
But after work, it was way too hot! L and I went out for dinner, then came home, drank wine and played Magic: The Gathering (we were heavily into it in 1995-1998, and have binders and binders of cards). What a fun night!

Jacket (Danier Leather), shirt (Mexx, consignment), skirt (Vivienne Tam, consignment), cami (InWear), shoes (Chie Mihara), pin (Roberta's Hats), cuff (thrifted), earrings (locally made).

Today, we played Ultimate in the hot sun - it was glorious! My team won (yay!). After the game, I changed back into my "real clothes".
My micro-leopard top (last seen here under a denim vest in March), with my fabric obi.

It was great to change into this lovely coral silk skirt after being in sweaty shorts and t-shirt for two hours!
I last wore this skirt last Monday with brown and olive green.

The shoes were very comfortable and felt awesome after my feet were crammed into soccer cleats.
They were worn 7 times in the June 2012 all-neutral capsule last yea (recap here).

L and I ran some errands after lunch, then I stopped at My Sister's Closet (they had a sale on). I saw lots of lovely items, but only one came home with me.
 I am a sucker for satin, especially in this lovely rich cobalt blue. This is by Melanie Lynne and it was $16.98.

And now, I may have a little nap before dinner. Someone else has been enjoying the sunshine of the last two days:
A very stretchy kitty in the sun!

Happy weekend!


  1. Love the springy brights! Those purple shoes steal my heart.

    Hello stretchy kitty tummy! What a cutie pie!

  2. Love your casual Friday outfit! That skirt is beautiful :)

    Also really like the leopard print with the design on the skirt. Enjoy your warmer weather!

  3. Oh, how gorgeous - already loved the finishing touches and THEN the awesome jacket, woo! Love the proportions of the 2nd look as well, excellent skirt & silver sandals. Happy spring!

    (And who needs a belly rub in the sunshine? Who does?)

  4. Fanfreakingtastic weather, eh?!
    You are looking mighty gorgeous in the brocades lately. Although the red flared skirt with the obi is wonderfully dramatic as well.
    I like how you describe getting out of your sweats and into sensible gorgeous clothes.
    If you ever have time(?!) for more wardrobe cataloguing, it would be very impressive to see a page of photos featuring your shoe collection.

  5. that peony skirt is luscious, i really like it with the yellow jacket!

  6. Inspired combos, and the peony skirt!!! Also love the mustard cami with the denim. The mustard bangle is such a perfect POP.

  7. The brocade skirt is one of my favorites! I love everything about it. And there's nothing more serene than a cat stretched out in the sunbeam : >

  8. Piękna żółta kurteczka:)))Pozdrawiam serdecznie

  9. I found you through Patti's Visisble Monday weeks and weeks ago. I've been lurking ever since. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that the door in the background is the same as my front door. You always look so amazing that I didn't really notice the door before.

    Good to know there are still Magic players out there. We taught my nephew to play, so we get the chance to break out our cards now and then.

  10. Hi Sheila,
    I like that your casual Friday still reflects your daily taste and style. It seems like most who participate casual Fridays at their work place dress way down. And perhaps that does reflect their day-to-day preference, but I think its cool the you still prefer to wear a dress or skirt.

    I've heard that the office has a casual Friday policy (except on days of court appearances) and I've thought of how I would dress and decided that I won't wear jeans or too casual clothing...its really not my style on most days.

  11. Love the peony skirt and those silver sandals! xoxo Paula

  12. The peony skirt is to die for, Sheila. I love the way your glasses tie in with the color of the skirt.

    Awwww, virtual hugs to the cute kitty!

  13. I love the denim shirt with the shiny peony skirt!!! The coral skirt again just shows off it's fabulousness!! I love it with the leopard!!

    AAAAWWWWWWW--Vizzini practicing his cat-yoga in the sun!!

  14. I love that brocade skirt so much. The yellow jacket with the purple print skirt really stands out.

  15. Outstanding ! this brocade skirt fits like a dream and i'm still amazed at it looking "casual", it's such a statement piece.


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