Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Purple Mod Squad

...and from Edwardian steampunk, we move on to the 1960s.
Happy Wednesday - here is a purple dress, which is of course, the one I thrifted for $9.50 this past weekend (here). Based on the style and cut of the dress, I would put it at around 1999-2000. I had a similarly cut (and also purple) dress back then. I really enjoyed wearing the dress - it was super comfortable, although a few times I had to pull it down towards my knees when sitting at my desk.

Which is why I wore tights today. I really didn't want to, it being spring and all, but that's a lot of pasty-white leg!
I love these Look of London tights. They are more patterned in person - in these pictures I sort of look like I have random blobs of colour on my legs instead of roses. Ooh, it's lava lamp legs!
I realize that the green of the shoes aren't quite right with the tights, but I really wanted to wear these! I last wore them back here in February (again with lace!).

The stuff.
Every time I wear these shoes, they get softer. So comfy!

Shiny bits:
The earrings were a perfect match. I love the cool cuff.

Dress (Jacob, thrifted), tights (Look of London), shoes (Fly London), cuff (Lakeland Art Metal Work, thrifted), earrings (Le Chateau), ring (Oscar & Libby).


  1. I love the shoes with this outfit! They don't "match" but they go in a really fun way. There's something both retro and futuristic about this look. The tights do pull it all together.

  2. That purple dress is lovely! So nice with the printed tights too :)

  3. I agree with Megan. The tights and shoes look...rad! (hope you're feeling better again, Sheila) x

  4. Fun outfit. The pieces do and don't go together: they don't according to conventional rules but do by creating a symbiotic spirit -- and it's the latter that counts. I love when you reference the periods of my youth.

  5. This my new favorite outfit of yours! I love the dress and the fun tights and then the shoes add a whole new element too! Everything about it is total win!

  6. I can see why you wanted to wear the shoes- ok, you need a 1970s orange dress to wear with them. So get shopping,stat, lol. I love your legs- lava lampy and all, and that cuff, suuuuper cool!

  7. Lava lamp legs, what a cool idea!
    The dress is great, and I think the green shoes look excellent with both the tights and the dress. xxx

  8. The tights, the shoes, the dress... i think i have a new name for your blog: Sheilalicious

  9. Yes--SHEILALICIOUS!!! That's perfect!!
    I am drooling over those shoes!! I love the dress with the tights--so cute!
    (I'm in the pasty white almost glowing legs tribe, too)

  10. Oh Sheila, I LOVE this outfit!! That looks smashing!! Wowsa!


  11. This has to be my absolute favorite. Its modern AND classic...with a twist. Love the tights!

  12. This is lovely - all the colours go together even if they don't match. I am glad you like your Flys - I have a similar pair in red patent with a crossover heel, the rubber herl is so deliciously bouncy!


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