Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Flies, Olive and Disco Dutch

I'm back from the gym, hungry and ready to crash. Thankfully, it's hockey playoffs, and I will now have a bit of time to browse and check out all your blogs - it's been ages! 

Bring on the clothes!
Ever since I got this olive suede skirt (last worn here with purples), I've been wanting to wear it with this blouse. This is the skirt's third wearing and I've decided: it's staying. I love the cut, the feel and it's a perfect fit. Hurrah!

Don't you just love olive and teal together? So pretty.
Yes, that is a scab on my knee
The blouse is my Smoking Lily sample from 2012, and those black marks are flies! I last wore it here with that black leather skirt that I said buh-bye to.
The shoes are my "Disco Dutch" Fluevogs (my name, not theirs). Today, our office had a huge quarterly meeting and I literally ran to get there. These shoes are amazing! I last wore them here (way, way down) with a casual outfit for going out to lunch with L.

The stuff:
Pretty standard for me. I do like my leaf patterns!

Blouse (Smoking Lily), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Prepare Hi Steady, Fluevogs), belt (Gap), earrings (Plum), bracelet (About Tine).


  1. You're SO cool - and those shoes make it all so great!

  2. I'm liking this colour combo - not matching but going together!

  3. I *love* the flies blouse - great to see it again. And the shoes, well, you know, so cool.

  4. Wow, your shoes are so awesome! I love the flies blouse too, but the shoes! They rock!

  5. Yes--teal and olive are fabulous together!! Love the flies top with this skirt--and the disco dutch shoes are just too cool!!

  6. The color combo is totally rad here! The yellow shoes are perfect with this look. Also you know I adore that blouse and the print.

  7. I love those clogs so much. Even more if you can run in them. I hadn't thought to put teal with olive -I have some dark green and teal stuff, will try that out...

  8. I do love that skirt, and the teal blouse and mustard shoes are perfect with it. xxxx

  9. Those shoes are remarkable. You've got such great style. And a boo-boo on your knee.

  10. The shoes are a work of art - i can imagine you walking down the street and everyone just checking you out !

  11. Really like the olive and teal together! That is such a lovely printed top :)


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