Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sizzle in the Drizzle

Back to work today! I have unofficially decreed my workplace to be Casual this week (since there were about 12 people in an office of usually around 65), and will be wearing a piece of denim every day. I'm such a rebel!

This outfit was also an excuse to wear my new boots:
This is my nice fitted denim blazer, and my fun floofy patchwork skirt.

Add some textured tights to show off the awesomeness that is these Victorian-look lace-up boots...
They're black, they zip up the outside and they have a bit of a covered platform. I am a sucker for Victorian granny shoes - I had red granny boots in the 80s (I dyed them purple at one point). I wish I still had those. They're Marc Soft Walk and were regular price over $350. I got them for $153.00 - thank you, mother-in-law! These are called the Elba (this is a better look at them - it's some German shopping website).

They were super comfortable - I think I could probably do some major walking in these.

My outerwear:
Two new items: my beige knit beret (it has a gold sparkle thread in it) and my navy "hobo" gloves from Club Monaco. Both are wool and are so soft. They were each $29 plus an extra 40% off. Yay for sales!

The stuff:
A bit better look at the boots.

This is a charm that L gave me for Christmas:
A lady with a blue bird on her shoulder and a red rose: "Shop"
 It is locally made and quite heavy. I like that it's also got a design on the other side.
"Women spend more than 8 years of their lives SHOPPING"
I'm sure that my average is higher than 8 years. Ah well, I do enjoy shopping at least.

This is probably my favourite Christmas present that I got this year:
Is that not a FABULOUS umbrella? They have been displayed at my local grocery store for over a month, and every week I stand in line and admire them - they are made by Cheeky and they have all kinds of colours. Finally, I said to L, "I would really like it if Santa brought me one of those."

He picked this awesome pink, orange and red patterned paisley one, and I love it! It has double fabric (black on the outside, orange on the inside), and it's built to last. And how do you not love seeing this on the inside?
"I sizzle in the drizzle."
Yeah, baby!

I also got a kick out of the "lost tag":
"If you found this umbrella, then I am probably getting soaked without it. Please contact me at:"
So cool. I am now properly accessorized for the wet West coast.

Blazer (Bisou Bisou, consignment), sweater (Planet), skirt (Dolcezza), tights (Esprit), boots ("Elba" by Marc Soft Walk), necklace (The Papery), umbrella (Cheeky).


  1. I adore lace-up boots. Must take me back to my mid 90s Doc Martins phase!

    That is the cutest umbrella. Love it!

  2. Love, love your umbrella!! The outfit of course!! I have found some very cute berets/ hats this season!

    Wishing you and yours all the best in 2012

    Art by Karena

  3. You do sizzle in the drizzle!! I love the boots and the coat!

  4. Nice boots, and they look great with the patterned tights. That umbrella is fabulous! Love it.

    (my dogs' collars are made in Canada and have a tag inside that just says "hello, eh?" I love those little touches that no one else sees.)

  5. Yes, "rebel" is what I think of when I think about you!

    Amazing umbrella. Nice find.

  6. Those boots are perfect! I love the heel shape. They look really comfortable too. Your "rebellious" looks are always very inspiring, but still very work appropriate!

  7. Sizzle indeed : > You look fabulous and your new charm is so great too. Happy New Year, my friend!

  8. Fabulous umbrella! I like how the colours and curly cues seem to match your blog too.

  9. Clever....but
    i a m actually a little overtaken by this... 8 years !!!


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