Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pretty Fly

Today's outfit is pretty much a straight copy of this outfit
Now with 100% more feline approval!
I swapped out L's red tie for his green tie (he has an amazing collection of ties, actually, but on me I like the more plain ones), but it's the same shirt and jeans as before.

The point was to wear these new Fly London shoes!
Vizzini is very lovey, but does get in the way.
The ruched ankle strap doesn't show too well in these pictures, but it looked very cool all day.

These shoes were bought at the same store as yesterday's, and were similarly expensive. They were regular price $220.00 and on sale for $132.00. They are by Fly London and are called Jackie Jell. I adored the green colour! They were crazy comfortable all day - that thick rubber sole was heaven on my feet.

My outerwear:
Not so rainy today, so I could get away with just a fuzzy beret, although I did get a bit wet on the way home.

The stuff:
I love the diamond cut-outs (black leather behind them) and I can't resist an ankle strap. The two little bronze studs on the ankle strap are actually snaps - that's how the shoe does up. The funky lining is awesome! I love secret details like that!

I like the fly on the bottom of the heel:
I can't wait to wear these with some of my spring and summer dresses!

Shirt (Esprit, consignment), tie (L's), jeans (Jackpot, swap from Caro), shoes (Fly London "Jackie Jell").


  1. Ohmygoodness! A tie and fly london shoes! I'm a big fan of my red fly london shoes (which reminds me they haven't gotten worn in awhile). Those pumps have a righteous heel/platform. Sounds like you snagged some good deals. Can't wait to see those paired up with summer dresses.

  2. Those shoes are worth every single penny!

    I was trying to channel you at the VV Boutique today! :-)

  3. Megan Mae, I think I have the same shoes! Fly and Camper shoes are the only heels I can wear and feel comfortable in, due to the incredible bouncy rubber soles.

    You look awesome, Sheila :-)

  4. I love this menswear inspired look! I actually wore similar outfit with hub's tie...he thought it was funny. Really cool shoes!

  5. Hot. Spectacular. Shoes.
    It looks like they were worth every penny !
    And I like the tie, it reminds me that I have not worn a tie in quite a few years.
    Hope you have a wonderful NYE - see you next year !

  6. That is an adorable outfit. The tie, the skinny pants (see, you can wear them just fine!), and both the Fly London shoes and the boots for outside.


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