Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Neutrals Week! A Day Behind - Grey

Well, this week is just truckin' along, isn't it? Here I am behind again. Thanks for all your good wishes - I was feeling pretty good today, but then I went and overextended myself. Ah well, I would have wasted that time anyway. But as soon as I'm done this blog entry, I am going to bed. Just me and my Neo Citran. Ahhhhh...

But enough of my whining! Today is grey day! I couldn't entirely forgo colour, but I did mostly grey. 
This outfit was hugely comfortable, as it's made almost entirely of t-shirt material. That's one of my long-sleeved layering tees, with my olive green tee (2nd outfit) over top, then my groovy stripey cardi over that.

I had our annual WW Christmas dinner tonight and just got home - I am so exhausted. I was told that this outfit is very bland for me. Frankly, I felt bland. Although I like the outfit, I couldn't dress in neutrals all the time. I think the real challenge for Neutrals Week for me is not putting together the outfits - you know I have the clothes for it! - but in maintaining my usual sunny demeanour when not wearing bright colours. Huh.

The skirt is new-to-me - it's another Smoking Lily one! This was $38.00, which is still in my range for Smoking Lily, and I got it at a consignment shop. It's a wool/poly knit blend, and it is lovely and warm and stretchy. Check out the back.
Aw, look at Inigo! He's so cute.
The back of the skirt actually dips down (it's nearly a mullet, Wendy!), and does a nice swooshy thing when I walk. I like the leaf outlines that are sewn on. Someone tell me what kind of leaf that is - the cold medication has addled my brain.

My outerwear was also all grey, except for the coat, of course.
I have patterned grey tights on too.

This is a close-up of the skirt back. The pale green leaf on the left is silk, one shape is just embroidered directly on the fabric (see it?), the top olive leaf is cotton, and I think the bottom olive leaf is hemp or some other more coarse cloth.
That's why I went with the olive tee. I was quite proud of my matching abilities.

The stuff:
My Camper concrete shoes (last outfit), my chainmail necklace and my steel ball earrings.

Tomorrow is brown! Totally in my wheelhouse.

Cardigan (Express, thrifted), olive tee (RW & Co., consignment), grey tee (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), tights (Miss Sixty), shoes (Camper).


  1. Aww feel better soon Sheila!!! You look totally awesome though - love the pop of olive green and the leaves on your skirt :)

  2. hi shelia, thanks for making such a wonderful blog for people to view. I believe the leaf is a ginko,ya know, the kind that's suppose to improve your memory. :) lol

  3. I think the leaves on your skirt are patterned after ginkgo leaves.

  4. The leaves on that fabulous skirt are gingko biloba leaves. Now you can use your limited brain power for other, more important things! : ) Feel better!

  5. The leaves are ginkgo. Lovely shapes!

  6. Love those Camper shoes - I just discovered that brand and I'm really happy about that. You look chic and cozy in your layers, and the skirt is *fine* (it's a ginkgo leaf : > ). Hope you're feeling better today.

  7. Love that smoking lily skirt. Very pretty.

  8. You are a brave lady taking NeoCitron! I've started having bad reactions to it! Oh, but before that, it was just so good when I was sick!

  9. Awww, dear, I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling yucky! You still look fabulous. I love the green top mirroring the gingko leaves.

    I've heard mixed things on camper shoes. I've heard they're very heavy. Are they?

  10. stunning!

    your cat cracks me up. maybe you need to make matching outfits...

  11. Very cool skirt. Sorry you are under the weather. Hope you feel better soon.
    I love gingko leaves. They are used a lot in Mission style decorating.

  12. Love your shades of gray. And you have fabulous coats! Especially the long red one from brown day.:) Gorgeous!

  13. That pop of olive on the shirt, and then again in the back is so delightful! I really like this outfit on you... One of my favorites so far!

    Hope you feel better soon!

  14. I like the unexpected olive with grey -
    I think I only have one olive green item in my wardrobe - my grandmother always comments on me being green as an olive (skin tone) so I kind of stay way from it...

  15. Ooooh, I really like that. The olive green is a fabulous touch. I am finding the more I play with neutrals, the more I like them when I combine unexpected shades of neutrals together, like you did here. It's much more complex and interesting to me.

  16. Thanks, Rebekah! That's it!

    Ki, thanks, hon!

    You're welcome, Anonymous. Ha, thanks, I guess I need ginko.

    Thanks, Carol!

    Sarah B, that's it, thank you!

    I love Camper, Patti - I just wish they weren't so expensive!

    Thanks, Megan!

    Cara, it's not that bad! It's very comforting.

    Thanks, Megan - this was probably my most surprising outfit (in a good way) for Neutrals Week. Yes, Campers are heavy, but I don't really notice it when they're on.

    Anne, he's a character. Maybe one day I will match him.

    Thanks, Debbi! I don't think ginko plants live around here.

    Thanks, Keely!

    FF, thank you! It was one of my faves too.

    Thanks, Lorena! You could always do olive away from your face.

    Thanks, Kristen! Maybe that's why I liked this outfit - not too much of the same colour.


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