Saturday, December 10, 2011

Neutrals Week! A Day Behind, and Then Caught Up! - Cognac and Navy

This week has been a struggle for me. I am certainly not an "all neutrals" gal, for one. For two, having a cold all week has really sapped my energy right when I've needed it the most. For three, it's hard to fake it to you feel it when I'm not wearing much colour. 

I was stumped by cognac as a neutral theme - I hear all the cool kids are wearing it, but I have only one cognac item in my wardrobe. These pants:

The last time I wore these to work was also on a Casual Friday, so I figured I'd be good (I last wore them here, 2nd outfit). They did provoke quite a reaction! I also felt a lot better wearing one main neutral rather than head-to-toe, as I've been trying to do for most of the week. The pop of yellow from the top really raised my spirits.

I went out for lunch on Friday with a bunch of people from work. I walked a few blocks in my Fluevogs: 
I haven't worn this plaid jacket in ages (with these same booties!). I'd forgotten how nice it fits in the body, although the small shoulder pad always feels a little weird to me. Down to just over $7 a wear now.

L and I went to a party after work at a coworker's house - we stayed an hour, then L dropped me off to have dinner with Elaine. After that, we did a little shopping at Winners (I don't go very often!).

It was chilly out, so I was glad I'd bundled up with lots of layers.
Hurray for chartreuse! We had a blast at Winners, and I had to beg to be let into the fitting rooms before they closed. But I got some cool stuff.

Speaking of stuff:
A good shot of the colour of the pants, a nice deep reddy-brown. The jacket's plaid has a couple of threads of cognac in it, and the dark amber in Mom's vintage 60s choker was a nice touch of warmth.

Jacket (Zara, consignment), top (Reitman's, consignment), pants (Gap, 2000, thrifted), booties (Coffee Kope Tiam, Fluevogs), belt (Plum), choker (Mom's, vintage 60s).

Today, I finally caught up with some navy, another difficult neutral for me. I find navy not a great colour on me on its own; I much prefer it as an accent to other colours.

I only own a couple of pieces in navy, and one of them is this cardigan:
The stairs return! But it's freezing out and I could see frost on the neighbour's roof.
I'm wearing it with other toning blues: my corduroy Smoking Lily dress, a vintage blue slip, and my blue lacy tights.
Vinizzi Cat Bomb!
The boots are black but they were warm.

I bought a new coat at Winners last night:
I wanted a mid-length coat for fall/winter/spring. Hard to tell here, sorry, but it's a deep purple. It does up with hidden snaps (genius for when one is wearing gloves! and an extra collar that has flat ruffles down the front. Who doesn't love a coloured winter coat? Not me!

I thought it was a good deal:
List price of $398.00, marked down to $96.00. The quality is excellent. I have two other pieces of Tahari: this blazer and this blouse. I love the name of the coat: "Daphne" - and notice the colour name: "Hendrix." I guess that's more of a Purple Haze than a Deep Purple, heh.

Cardigan (Xara Woman, thrifted), dress (Smoking Lily, consignment), boots (Gabor), coat (Tahari), leather gloves (InWear).

I'm going to a party tonight, so I will be doing my "Pop of Colour" post tomorrow, but I'd like to thank Megan and Keely now for hosting this challenge! Some challenges are easier than others, but I always learn a lot about myself and my style when I do them.


  1. Hi Sheila. 'Sorry for not commenting as much of late. I've loved seeing what you've done with neutral this week, and I appreciate the effort you put into this challenge. It's been great to see you play with neutrals and showcase even more perfectly fitted interesting pieces from your wardrobe.

    Also, me too! A purple haze winter coat is all too rare. I applaud your embrace of the colour for this important layer!

  2. You've done really well this week - that was a hard challenge! I can't seeing it converting it you to neutral dressing :-).

    So..... Are you joining in with Dressember next week? :-)

  3. Those pants are the bomb!!! Love their rich colour! :D

  4. Cognac leather pants - I die! And I love your new purple coat, it's a beauty and it suits you perfectly. And be gone now, unwelcome cold!!

  5. Oh my goodness those pants are to die for! You look so fabulous in them. Love the purple coat too.

  6. HotPatootie! How cool are those pants! They definitely are a gorgeous cognac-y color! And totally rockin' with those Vogs. I wasn't 100% sold on the plainer Coffees, but I think they are a good choice with this outfit! You've really turned my head around on them.

  7. Cognac leather pants, OMG. Only you, my friend! Love it with the chartreuse.

    That coat is lovely; I am a big fan on Tahari. It's a brand I often forget about, and then it surprises me how much I like it.

  8. Would you be interested in donating your gap leather pants to my collection? I have a bunch of pairs and would love to add yours to my collection if you dont wear them anymore.

    1. No, sorry, I still wear them, and am actually looking for more.

  9. Keep me in mind if you ever want to get rid of them. I must say I do like you choice of combos to wear with them. You mahe leather pants look classy and not at all trashy. Keep up the good work :)


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