Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Invasion of Dress Week! Inadvertently Seasonal

The Invasion rages on!

I realized after the third or fourth comment today (it was a crazy day), that I dressed in Christmas colours:
I didn't know Vizzini was there - he's so fast!
I also realized I've been doing a theme all week (and I plan to continue it): I'm winterizing my summer dresses. I get a lot of traffic on hits for that phrase, so here's another one for you folks.

This is my Desigual dress that I got back here and wore with autumnal layers. I still haven't worn it for warm weather yet! I'm excited to see how it will look...although that'll be a few months, I'm sure.

I've layered my vintage red slip under the dress, have tights on, and have a thick jacket over it.
I tend to pass over this jacket in my closet due to it being a bit big on me, but I love the shape and the nice brocade fabric of it.

The red boots really seal the deal:
I love those, and they were so easy to work in all day.

I really like how the dress' colours worked against all that red. The white background and bold colours/pattern actually help to offset a lot of the red.
Gotta have the major hardware too. Necklace from Tina, and earrings from Megan.

Jacket (Nine and Company by Nine West, thrifted), dress (Desigual), slip (Suzette Lingerie, vintage, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), necklace (gift from Tina), earrings (gift from Megan).

I took these pictures last night while I was doing my blog entry.
Vizzini eyes the looming Inigo...he ducks under the table from the scratching post.

Inigo gives him a whack.
Silly boys.


  1. Fab as always, and I'm particularly drooling over those boots!

  2. Those boots are still my most absolute favourite....sigh.

    The dress is awfully cute too--such a great print!

  3. Wowweee, that's a great outfit! I feel so bad - I've had 3 of your posts open to comment on, and am running out ot time! But this one certainly stood out as fabulous!

  4. Loving the Desigual dress & the red boots. I only wish I could find a pair of snazzy red boots in my size, because they'd get the heck worn out of them if I did.

  5. The boots and the necklace are amazing....great pieces!! You always look wonderful!!

  6. Love, love that dress - and you are making it work so perfectly for winter! And the boots, sigh, so good. My kitties like to play Top Paw too : >

  7. Ilike how tall boots look on other people but not on me... I guess if I had the weather for them I would force myself to incorporate them into my outfits but since there is no need ----
    I really like yours BTW :)

  8. Oooh Desigual AND the infamous Miz Mooz boots? Mucho love! Sorry I'm behind on your dress week, Sheila. I'm playing lots of catch up this week. Thanks for the kitty photos. I love seeing your little guys.


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