Sunday, December 11, 2011

Neutrals Week! A Pop of Colour

And...Neutrals Week is over! 
Last night we went to a friend's house party. I was going to wear a really bright dress, but I have other plans for that next week...

So, I dyed my hair and that's my pop of colour, because oddly enough, my outfit is all neutrals! 
It's hard to tell due to the poor lighting (arg, winter!), but the dress and shoes are both khaki green. I got the dress, tights and shoes at Winners during my Friday shopping expedition with Elaine.

I love the shoulders/arms of this dress!
It was one of those items that just looks like a puddle of blah on the hanger, but that I knew had the potential to look really interesting on.

The tights are actually a micro-fishnet with black swirls. They were $7.99.
I added a couple of bold accessories - it didn't need much else.

Another thing I really loved about the dress is that it has those little bra strap securers: a small string with a snap fastener at the shoulders. You snap it around your bra strap and voil√†! No slippage! With a neck this wide, that was a major plus.

The dress itself was a score!
Gotta like that! $25.00! It's a couple of sizes big on me, but I liked the roominess.

The stuff:
I took these pictures this morning, in daylight. What a difference!

Aren't the shoes amazing? I gasped when I saw them (one of my surefire signs of a good pair).
They are olive green suede with black leather accents - check out that massive platform! They were $77.00 on sale (which is kind of high, but I really liked them!).

You can also see the nice beaded embellishment around the neckline there.

The jewelry:
I nearly forgot I owned these!

Dress (Adrianna Papell), tights (Silks), shoes (Guess), jewelry (Aldo Accessories).

Did you know that it's Dressember? Of course, I will be doing a Dress Week - this will be my 10th one since starting Ephemera! Check out the links on the sidebar for previous Dress Weeks!


  1. This whole outfit is gorgeous!! I LOVE this dress! You look great...head to toe!

  2. WOW Adrienne Papell for 25.00 ?! is a great deal, specially because it looks spectacular.
    I look forward to your dress week, I might join you.

  3. OMG! Stunning outfit, stunning score on the dress! And the shoes were TOTALLY worth the price! Well done, Dear Sheila!

  4. Great shoes and jewelry.

    I've never heard of those bra-strap things but they make sense. With many of my tops, the thin shoulder-portions move around, exposing my bra-straps, which always ruins a picture. Since I take my own photos and can't see how I look until afterward, I hate seeing a whole batch of unuseable pictures.

  5. OMG That dress! Those shoes! Incredible. The heels are major.

    I wish I could leave a more articulate comment, but I need to go take some cold meds and fall over.

    Can't wait for your dress week.

  6. That grey dress is so sexy! You look phenomenal!

  7. That's a pretty dress, and it looks nice with the lace tights.

  8. OT: You're on the Huffington Post again!

  9. Great to see you on HuffPo again! If you keep this up, you'll need to hire a publicist to handle your press-relations. :)

  10. That is one funky, HOT outfit! You are working it.

  11. The shoulders of that dress are tres sexy. I wish I had your hair (or the courage to color mine red).


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