Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Neutrals Week! A Day Behind - Black

Well, here we are at Neutrals Week! Thanks to Megan and Keely for organizing this! As you may have noticed, I'm a day off - I was off work sick yesterday, so I will be a day behind for all my outfits this week. 

For those of you who have been reading Ephemera for a while, you've probably noticed that, although I have lots of black in my wardrobe, I tend to veer towards colours more. Colour! And lots of it! Bring it on, wooo! (Erm, sorry, the cold medication is making me loopy).

So today's outfit, while it predominantly features black, does indeed have some colour in it.
My head is as blurry as I feel...

That's my lovely embroidered black velvet jacket. I can't get enough of it.

I couldn't stomach wearing more black on my feet, so I cheated and wore purple tights and caramel boots.
That's my cotton slitted skirt (2nd outfit), and I last wore those boots here.

On to grey tomorrow!

Jacket (Le Chateau, consignment), top (Ricki's, swap from Ruth), skirt (Nygard, thrifted), boots (Outline, consignment), bracelet (Jacob), earrings (Plum), belt (Gap).


  1. Pishposh, it's not cheating wearing other colours when you've got that much black on. It's almost necessary! Hope you start to feel better soon!

  2. Eep! I hope you're feeling better today. I spent my day (mostly) in bed sneezy/sick.

    You still look fabulous and chic. I love your jacket, it's so lush. I think the camel boots were a great choice. It breaks up the mass of black.

  3. LOve the tan boots and the jacket. It can be so hard to wear black but you get it just right.

  4. Sorry you're sick! Cold medicine knocks me loopy too. Love your whole look, and esp those great boots!

  5. Amazing jacket. Amazing skirt. It seems you're never at a loss for something attractive to pull out of your closet. I envy your ability to stock that closet with fabulous clothes.

  6. Lovely jacket!
    I also think that black boots here would be too much.
    Get better soon!

  7. Oh that is a beautiful jacket. I adore embroidery on clothing and this is spectacular!

  8. Hey Sheila, hope you're feeling better. I posted pics of my new pink shoes just for you. Not quite your usual style though.... ;)

  9. I too love color (AND pattern!).
    That jacket is a treasure.

  10. That jacket *swoon* is sooo lovely, and combined with the long skirt looks like a prettier version of steampunk… very reminiscent of late 1800s ladies' suits. Love!


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