Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Invasion of Dress Week! Bye-Bye Blahniks

The Invasion continues!
I've been wanting to wear this dress again since I got it - so comfortable! However, winterizing it was not as easy as I thought.  
I loved it with the teal cardigan, to pick out the colour in the pattern. I kept with a brown cardi and belt to tame down the pattern a bit. I forgot to wear a slip under this and ended up with thigh-cling. Ugh.

I also loved how the shoes went with this:
It's blurry because I'm tippy - those are 4.5" heels! And yes, those are Manolo Blahniks! I last wore them in July 2010 and regretted it then, as they are so high. I can almost hear the bones in the tops of my feet cracking. I've only worn them once before that: here, when I first got home from London, where I bought them for $111.00. They're called the "Cecilia Chancellor" (I took a picture of the box, even though I didn't bring it home).

And much as I love having a pair of Manolos, these are going to go to the consignment store. I just can't justify keeping a pair of shoes in my closet that hurt my feet so much. I'm sure I can easily get $100 in trade-in credit for them, and I can always look back at the pictures if I miss them.

It was a relief to wear my boots:
Plugging my music in for the chilly walk to work today. There's frost on the ground now!

By the time I got home, my poor feet were throbbing. There was no way I could wear them for my WW meeting tonight.
Ah, sweet relief! Teal kitten heels to the rescue! I also added a half-slip.

Bye-bye, torture devices.
I won't miss you...much.

The stuff:
Vizzini helped with pictures.

Dress (O-Lala, thrifted), cami (Esprit), cardigan (Kersh), belt and necklace (Plum), shoes (Manolo Blahnik, and Le Chateau).


  1. I love that dress. The colours are so wonderful, and so is the print. Your (soon-to-be-former) Manolos are absolutely gorgeous, but oh, my feet just ache in sympathy merely looking at them.

  2. I can see why you feel for those "torture devices"! They Do look quite sweet & made for a fabulous outfit.....

    The turquoise sweater was a great pick for winterizing that dress. As usual, you're the fashion guru. I ♥ your style.

  3. The shoes are gorgeous, works of art, but I am with you -- we're not supposed to feel tortured by our shoes! I think there's plastic surgery for feet, to make it easier to wear high heels, but I am not THAT crazy : > Love your look, esp the fab dress.

  4. Very pretty! I like the teal on you, it really sets off your hair and skin color. And I love the heels with this, but I do understand that you need to be able to walk! ;-)


  5. My feet hurt just looking at your shoes! We can't enjoy fashion when we're in physical discomfort.

    I read an interview with MB in which he said he was unconcerned about the discomfort women have wearing his shoes because he cares only about how they look. Fine for him, not for us!

  6. "Torture devices" - i totally understand, as I have been getting rid of shoes that kill my little feet.
    At least you can SAY you HAD a pair of Manolos - :)
    and that is a marvelous dress.
    I wish I had joined you on Dressember week but this December is unlike anything I've had before...

  7. Trade 'em! You're going to get a ton of fantastic stuff for the credit of those shoes. They're a classic style, but if the heel isn't for you, they don't deserve your closet space (man, I can't imagine a 4.5" heel, oi).

    I love your honesty & how you rotate stuff in your closet. Some ppl would be blinded by the designer name. But there's so many other great clothes out there :-)

  8. You're a braver woman than I for even attempting those shoes! This when I'm glad to be too tall for such heels. They sure are pretty though....

  9. Oooh I'm in love with the print of your dress. And I really do adore the shape of your shoes, but they do hurt just looking at them. Seriously they have no platform! Yowch.

    Hopefully you get a good consignment price (Hey if you get $100 and your purchase price is $111 then that's not a bad PPW breakdown)

    I actually love the dress with your boots best of all. I love the shape of them.

  10. Beautiful dress! Its colors really work for winter as well as for spring-summer.

    It's been years I contemplate high heels only from distance. My feet are too precious for me, I love them therefore the heels higher than 5 cm don't exist for me. I can only admire the bravery of women like you, able to use high heels.

  11. I like the look best with the boots… those heels look to painful to even be pretty to me!

  12. I like this with all your shoe options! The colors are so pretty. And wow! Those Manilos are gorgeous, but shoes are not worth that much pain. Oh and I love your coat. The color is amazing!

  13. So in love with that color palette. You look amazing.

  14. Yeah those hurt me to watch you in them in your pictures! Sorry they had to go, but there's a line into impracticality that can't be crossed.

    Love the colors of this too. You have been on fire with your palettes lately.

  15. Cecilia Chancellor was a famous model in the 1990s who still models today. Guessing that the shoes are possibly from a show and were supposed to be worn by her.

  16. Anonymous, thanks for the info on Cecilia Chancellor! How cool. I know the shoes (and many others of the same style) were worn in a show - pretty sure not by her, though. I was told at the Aquascutum store about the show/scoring on the soles as the reason why they were discounted.


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