Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Perfect Black Pencil Skirt (It's Leather)

I've been on the lookout for a black skirt for a while...a black leather skirt, that is. As I've mentioned before, I have a lot of thrifted and consignment (and new) leather and suede pieces, but the classic black skirt has eluded me.
Until now!

I found this beauty in a consignment store for $32.99. As far as I'm concerned, that's a score. This is thick, soft leather, and the front and back are made of only two full panels, stitched down the front, not multiple panels of scrap leather. It's also a great length (perfectly at the knee) and it hasn't gone stiff or cracked from age.

I'm wearing it with my favourite patterned blouse and my olive corduroy vest:
And my shiny red patent leather boots which someone is blocking.

Aw, cuddly boy!
The boots are actually blood red, quite dramatic - I can't believe it's been over a year since I last wore them!

My outerwear:
Purple coat and my green walking boots. A meowy kitty.

The stuff:
Ah, a better look at the colour of the boots.

My Shi Studio necklace:
I like those patterns mixed.

Back to the skirt for a minute. I mentioned that for its age, it's very soft. One guess as to how old it is, based purely on the colours in the label.
Yup, pure 80s. Can't you just picture this with an oversized Bill Cosby sweater?

Blouse (Marcona, thrifted), vest (RW & Co., consignment), skirt (Hemingway Collection, vintage 80s, consignment), boots (Aldo), necklace (Shi Studio).


  1. Great find! One day, I will find my perfect leather black skirt... I had one years ago, but sadly I gained weight and gave it away.

  2. Beautiful skirt- great find!
    I'm totally in LOVE with those boots :)

  3. Score, indeed! And BTW, *both* pairs of boots are awesome. And second BTW, I adore that snuggly kitty, send him to me. : >

  4. That is exactly th ekind of skirt I am looking for. It looks wonderful on you.

  5. You know, I've always felt that leather skirts were unsuitable for my life goals, but now that I find myself working in a radically different industry than I had thought, I think I might have to stop and take a look at them! Thanks!

  6. Ooh Sheila this outfit ROCKS! That black skirt looks so buttery soft. I actually have a great black leather skirt. I never know how to style it though. I love it with the blood red boots.

  7. Congrats on the great score! Once again, loving your boots--so purdy!

  8. Wow, that really IS nice leather. Makes such a difference, doesn't it, I don't know how people stand wearing the stiff, nasty cheap leather or suede. I love the way you do "tag detective work"--me too. Tags can tell you a lot! You know, once in a while I miss all those loud 80s colors lol...but many things like that are more fun in retrospect...I worked in a consignment store in the 80s and what I got out of it was a lot of AMAZING jewelry for oh so cheap...we used to put 20 dollars on things like 40's Mexican silver beaded necklaces! But oh, I will never forget all the incredibly bright shoes people used to bring in... :-) Anyway, I love this outfit! as always your use of color is simply smashing!

  9. You look amazing in your leather items. Would love to see a fully leathered outfit....;^)

  10. You look amazing in your leather items. Would love to see a completely leathered outfit.


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