Thursday, December 15, 2011

Invasion of Dress Week! Mellow Yellow

The Invasion continues!
When I pulled all my spring/summer wear out of my closet a couple of months ago and stored it away, I saved this dress:
I love the colour so much that I was hoping I'd figure out some other way to wear it, aside from just on its own, as I last did here and first did here on my last Dress Week.

I've layered my Club Monaco striped shirt under it for warmth. Can it really be over a year since I've worn this shirt?
Added the grey belt, and grey shoes and a bit of sparklies (I'm showing off L's cufflinks), and I'm all set.

Ah, my little devil, Vizzini. This morning, I discovered that not only had he been up on the kitchen counter some time last night (BAD KITTY), but he had absconded with my access card for work. I searched around the house with a flashlight (under the bed, under bookcases) for 20 minutes before I finally had to leave for work. I had to stand around in the lobby of my building, waiting for the elevator to unlock my floor at 8:30. Arg. VERY bad kitty.

Doubly arg-worthy: he had also chewed the heck out of my $60 headphones for my mp3 player! Right down to the wires! EXTREMELY bad kitty. I had no music (I've been stuck with "All I Want For Christmas Is You" - thank you, Glee - in my head all freakin' day!) and I had to go buy new headphones at the mall after work.

On the plus side, I was able to finally get a bit of a jump on my Christmas shopping for L. I found everything I had on my Super Secret List.

The stuff:
Kitten heels were so good to my feet! I wore the smaller vintage rhinestone necklace against my skin, and the larger crystal necklace under the shirt collar.

Dress (Calvin Klein), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Plum), shoes (Enzo Angiolini, thrifted), crystal necklaces (50s, vintage, crystal one was a gift from my MIL), earrings (Jacob), cufflinks (Le Chateau Men).


  1. My Walter eats cords, too. White cords (especially ipod accessory cords) are his favorite.

    Love the cheery dress in December!

  2. Wow, I don't even like yellow in anything (other than, oh, egg yolks ;-) but that dress combo looks fantastic! The yellow with grey looks chic & winter-appropriate yet cheery & the accessories rock.

  3. Simply adore! I inexplicably gravitate towards dark colors during winter - nice to see bright yellow this time of the year. Never thought of layering necklaces this way, definitely on my list to try.

  4. My cats eat headphones too, but thankfully they have only goten the inexpensive ones.

  5. I adore your yellow dress! How sunny! Grey and yellow is a great pairing. I'm swiftly falling in love with grey and bright colors.

    Ohmy! Sounds like someone has been a bad boy. Spike overturns the trash when he's angry/bored/hungry. He thankfully doesn't chew anything out of it, just reaches up and paw and knocks it over. Sammycat has the wire-chewing problem. It's mostly gotten down to him just pulling the plugs out of the wall instead of chewing through the wires. Sorry about the headphones! I can sympathize.

  6. Love this outfit on you! A-line dresses are SO flattering and the yellow is such a FUN color. I like how you paired it with grey shirt and tights and waist cinching belt. I bet you got a lot of compliments on this outfit. It just looks so bright and cheery! :-)

    Chewing on $60.00 headphones?? Bad cat indeed! lol


  7. I like the yellow, you took a stereotypical summer color into the winter quite well!

    My little BellaBlue has been unwrapping the gifts as fast as I can wrap them. Does that mean she is the grinch?

  8. Gorgeous yellow! I love the shape of the dress too, kind of retro and very cool. And what a naughty, expensive kitty you have there. Good thing he is so adorable : >

  9. Great idea for styling a summer dress!

    Our dog tends to take things and guard them. He doesn't chew, just takes them to his bed and goes all Cujo when you try to reclaim your property.

  10. I love the silhouette of the dress! So flirty and fun!

  11. Gorgeous outfit! And you're not the only one with a naughty kitty. Our dear Otis chewed the cords on our blinds all the same, and a lot of them! Oh, and he chewed my headphone cord too. But he's sweet and we love him!

  12. I have recently discovered the mix of yellow, grey and black. You have made a terrific ensemble.

  13. Yellow yellow kiss a fellow! :)

    Vizzini is a very bad kitty. Good thing they are so cute, hunh?

  14. Your kitty was a bad one indeed !
    That is a beautiful dress - I bet your brought a smile to everyone at work with that sunny dress.


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