Monday, September 13, 2010

Weekend Things, Including a Blacksmith

Did you all have a good weekend? I had a very relaxing one - I spent all day Sunday watching football (for me "watching football" means I am up and down and doing things while I keep an eye on the game. I only actually sit through about 75% of the game).

I also went out for lunch and a bit of a shop with my gals. I wore this dress:
Previously worn here (and I noted that it would be too short for bare legs, but obviously, I'm over that!). There's a bit of coolness in the air now, so I have to dig out my boot collection from the depths of the closet. Anyway, this was nice and light and comfy to wear.

Dress (Papillon), cardigan (Express, consignment), boots (Aldo, consignment).

I read another "Walking Dead" (last one was back in January):
Stats: It's a graphic novel, so it took about 40 minutes to read. I started and finished it on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Blurb: If you've read any other "Walking Dead", you know the basic plot: zombies have taken over and a rag-tag group of people are trying to survive and find safety. Lots of people (and zombies) die, in gruesome ways. The series starts out like the movie "28 Days Later" (which L and I just watched again recently), but continues on, and on and on (hey, we are at 12 volumes, after all). This particular volume is a change of pace and brings in a large new set of characters...but the "to be continued" at the end is frustrating, as I've been accustomed to how each of the graphic novel volumes wraps up neatly at the end. I can see several key bits that will be playing out in the next volume (due for release in November, so maybe I'll get it for Christmas, hint, hint, L!).

Part of my 25% of non-football watching yesterday was spent doing some painting. I've taken quite a hiatus from my painting over the last few years - I used to spend several hours a week on it, completing 1-2 figures a week. These days, it's months between them. I've also been working on a very large project that I hope to get finished needs about 6 more hours of work, though, before I'm done.

Anyway! This guy has been sitting patiently waiting for me to finish him for some months:
He's about 1.5" tall. I paint most of my figs with brushes ranging in size from a 4/0 to a 10/0 (the smallest; used for eyes). Here's a close-up of his eyes: The eyes are the hardest to do on these figures! Neither L nor I use a magnifier to paint, so this is all done with the naked eye. I had to redo this guy's right eye once, as I blopped a gob of black paint when I tried to do the pupil. Arg. That's the worst - you're so close to finishing and you have to redo!

Side view:
Hammer, tongs and anvil - all set for some smithing.

Back view:
I like how his pants came out.

Other side view:
He will make a good addition to our Christmas village this year. I can't wait to get it set up and take some pictures of it.

Front view again:
This figure probably took about 6 hours total, from start to finish. If you're interested in seeing some more of my painted figures (I've posted lots of them over the years), click here.


  1. Aw, your outfit looks oh-so comfy yet so pulled together and cute. I like your newly completed little blacksmith. He turned out so cool. I'm looking forward to seeing your Christmas Village all set up.

  2. Love that dress! I can't wait to break out my boots...another few weeks perhaps.

  3. Love the dress! And the figure.... you've done an amazing job

  4. Super cute dress. It looks really comfy.

    I love your miniatures. My mom and dad used to paint them too. Yours are always so well done. I'm rather fond of the dragon and the demon you did in the past.

  5. What a great dress; and it's definitely not too short for bare legs! I love how all the colours - including your hair - pop against the black in the dress, boots, and sweater.

    I'm terrified by zombies, even in graphic novel illustrations, so I won't be checking out the series you review here, but I'm enthralled with your figure painting. This is the first I've heard of it, being a relative noob to your blog!

  6. I was wondering about your painting. Happy to see more of your work.

    Love the outfit and the floral earrings!

  7. that dress outfit just screams comfortable!!! plus it is flattering as well.

    amazing work on your figurines-impressed with your talent and attention to details.

    okay- now after reading your snippet on the zombies - i know have rob zombie playing in my head

  8. That's a cute dress and I think that wearing it will tall boots compensate for the shortness. I like it.
    Wow, you put a lot of work into those little ones, they are a true work of art, so much detail goes into them.

  9. That dress is fantastic! I love the print on it, and it looks so comfy. That figure is awesome! I'm impressed with your painting skills!

  10. I've seen a few other figures, but I'm not sure I've seen the Christmas Village...Can't wait.

    You look great - hard to believe it's time to bring out the boots, but you prove it here!

  11. Wow... painting a figure that small must take fine motor-control. Very impressive.

  12. i that dress!! It has the most amazing colors in it! You look stunning!

  13. Thanks, Alison! I am excited about putting up and photographing the villate - it's quite something. I'll do a special series on it.

    Cynthia, thank you!

    lawyerdoll, thanks!

    Freeda, thank you!

    Thanks, Collette!

    Thanks, Megan. How cool - I don't know many people who paint figures. I love the big figures too.

    A-Dubs, thank you! I have all kinds of ideas for making this dress wintery, too. Ha, mental note: no zombies for A-Dubs. Thanks very much for your nice comment about my figures - I like doing them.

    Thanks, Jen. I wasn't sure if people would be interested.

    Thanks, Alecia - it was SO comfy! Glad you like the figs too. Ha, nice - was it "Dragula"?

    Lorena, agreed, and tights will look great with it in cooler weather. Thanks, glad you like my figures.

    LaHdM, thank you!

    Thanks, Rebecca - it's a pretty fun village. The weather's been off and on, I just happened to hit a good boot day.

    shybiker, yes, it's tough to do. If I paint for more than 2-3 hours, I'm stiff the next day. Thanks!

    Thanks, Shygirl!

  14. My goodness, you're crafty! I didn't realize the process of painting figurines would be so detailed.

    I LOVE the dress with boots and the long black cardigan. I think that both of those pieces together visually elongate the dress and make it look not quite as short. You carry it off so well.

  15. Kari, that's what I love about it, all that detail. It's my favourite part.

    Thanks! I am happier with this look than the previous one.


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