Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Distinctly Chair-ish

I always want to wear this skirt more than I do. It's tough to make outfits around it; it's a really deep purple so not many colours go with it.
It also has just an elastic waistband that's really loose and tends to slip down and threaten to expose me in a bad way.

I usually end up wearing black and/or grey with it (worn previously here and here). This is probably my least favourite wearing of it, but I really didn't feel like putting in much effort today. Some days ya just don't.

The stuff:
The shoes are new-to-me - $30 brand new in a consignment store. I do love a kitten heel.

A close-up of the sparkly things:
I love the pattern of the chairs silk-screened on the skirt.

Sweater (Press), skirt (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Miss Sasa, consignment), belt (Nygaard), ring (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (Plum, probably), bracelet (charity auction).


  1. Hi Sheila...I think you look very nice:)

    How about trying a light beige or camel colored belted sweater?? I can even see some pretty gold tones with it too.....:)

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  2. Now I've got "Smoke on the Water" in my head.

  3. Hmm... I love the skirt, both its attractive color and pretty hem.

    While I grasp your point about the difficulty of finding things to go with it, I think that's because you're trying to create conservative outfits with it. Perhaps you should consider other possibilities.

    The skirt could be the basis of a brightly-colored, playful outfit with complimentary pieces like a banana-yellow top. Such an outfit may not be welcomed at the Daughters of the American Revolution Annual Dinner-Dance but would be fun to wear to lunch with girlfriends.

    Just an idea. :)

  4. It's still a really cute skirt, and the simple styling let it take center-stage.

  5. Oh, that's what I always fall victim too, the "oh, but I LOVE this fabric" thing! And I do... that chair fabric is gorgeous!

    Do you think it would be more wearable if shortened?

  6. Thanks, Collette, I appreciate the suggestions. I loathe camel sweaters, unfortunately (they match my skin tone, blech). I have done gold accessories with it before.

    Wendy, happy to help!

    shybiker, yeah, I've tried that too - bright colours don't look good with this shade of purple (it's too dark). I like the idea, but in execution it's a lot harder than it would seem! Thank you so much for the suggestion!

    Thanks, Megan!

    Freeda, yes, I'm a sucker for lovely fabric. I would NEVER alter a Smoking Lily item (and this is bias cut, so super difficult to deal with). Maybe I could hike it up, though, thanks! :)

  7. Looks lovely to me! The belt is a great finishing touch.

  8. I have to say I adore that chair print but I am not sure I like the skirt.... have you tried wearing it as a dress ?
    Cardigan + belt ?
    And nope, I have not finished training him... but, I am getting there !

  9. i like the simplicity of the grey sweater and belt with the flashier skirt.

    before i clicked on your previous wear photos i thought the skirt would work well with black on top with grey under - and guess what- i clicked- love it with the vest and with the jacket as well.

    nice job styling a "difficult" skirt in different ways - like the change of foot gear in each as well.

    curious if other colors would work well in the same tone-like teal or subdued red or rust shade. mossy green.

  10. Thanks, Sal!

    Lorena, I've pulled it up, but I'm too booby and it doesn't hang right as a dress. I did a cardigan & belt the first time I wore it (and really liked the look). I really love the skirt, but it's just one of those really difficult items!

    Ha! get on that training, lady! :)

  11. What a cool skirt! I SO agree with you about liking the cami/cardi with it. I'm glad you mentioned in one post that the chairs are silver, because on my monitor, they look gold!
    My personal fave color matches for a deep purple/plum like that are: orange; a light-ish periwinkle blue (not quite pastel); or a light olive green. Did I say orange? Yes? Ahhh.
    Plus, knowing how well you do with yellow, I'll agree with shybiker on that!
    And I'm feelin' ya on the kitten heels! Great score!

  12. You guys are all inspiring me to try other colours with this skirt - I will do it next time, I promise!

    Alecia, thanks - you totally guess right, how predictable of me.

    Rita, yeah, that long over long worked really well - I'll have to do something similar again. I don't have much in the way of orange tops, but I like the idea of a dark burnt orange. I'm still not sure about the yellow. Thanks for all the suggestions!

  13. I'm finally getting a chance to read all my old reader posts! You are my first stop. I'm so excited to "catch up" with you. BTW, I really like the simplicity of this outfit.


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