Thursday, September 23, 2010

Plaid Cow in a Vest

I have been a cow lately. Very cranky, very up and down. I could blame the full moon, but really, it's just been a stressful year (and doesn't look like it's going to get any easier). Just a few of the good and bad things that have happened in the past 5 months:

- our condo roof is being repaired at enormous expense (has been ongoing for months);
- my beloved cat Othello died;
- we went on holiday with my mom;
- L's grandma died;
- I'm being laid off at my job;
- my brother fell off some scaffolding at work and broke two of his ribs;
- my aunt (Mom's sister) is in a homeless shelter (she has a mental illness).

Yesterday was the anniversary of my dad's death, too (which was another awful year like this one). We're also travelling again in December at some point, and will likely get a kitten if this roof work is ever done. Add the job hunt to that, and my extreme fear that being out of my routine due to being off work will lead me to stuff my face and gain back all of the weight I lost...and MOOOO!

L, I apologize to you now for being such a cow sometimes. I don't know how you put up with me.

But this isn't a plea for sympathy, really. I just wanted to explain that if I seem negative (I can be a terrible negative Nelly at times) or cranky, I don't mean to be...stuff just gets to me sometimes.

So when I'm feeling down, I always try turn to something I feel good in:
I love this plaid dress. I've had it for a couple of years and have worn it a lot (last worn very casually here, but last time for work here (and there are bunch of links to other outfits there)).
I picked up these shoes on the weekend - I walked into the thrift store and there they were. They're by Feet First (which I recently discovered is a division of Aldo), same as these sweet blue suede shoes. I paid $49.99 for my blue shoes - on sale - so I'd guess these would be minimum around $80 new. They didn't look like they'd ever been worn - and they were $18! Score!

The stuff:
Aren't they cute? Red suede, Mary Jane strap, stacked wood heel! Swoon!

We're almost at the weekend...pour me a glass of wine!

Dress (Vero Moda), vest (Le Chateau, from Ruth), shoes (Feet First, thrifted), belt (Plum), bracelet (Plum), gold hoops (gift from L).


  1. Hi Sheila,

    Wow, you have a lot n your plate! You have every right to be stressed out, yet you always seem so confident and happy. I know you always cheer me up.

    So sorry that there are so many negative things going on. I hope things turn around soon.

    BTW: you look great and I love your "Plaid Cow in a Vest" title.

    Best to you,

    Always Summer

  2. The shoes ARE cute...the whole outfit just came together beautifully.....hang in there...hopefully next year will be a new start in alot of good ways:)

    Statements in Fashion

  3. Hang in there, dear! You have to give yourself permission to be negative if you need too. You've been through a really very rough year.

    You've come out looking fabulous today. I love the red shoes. Send me some of your luck. I still haven't found the right red shoe with a closed toe. Yours are pretty close to a perfect little red pump.

  4. This is lovely outfit. I dig the plaids.
    I'm sorry about your stressful year, and I do hope it picks up a bit. Good luck with stress reduction- I am a big fan of cooking healthfully and doing yoga when it gets rough. Also, shopping, of course, but I'm on that pesky apparel diet.

  5. Hmm - I need that dress in blue and green I can't pull of yellow as well as you can! Hmm - do you think I can find one before noon tomorrow?
    While life may be up and down, always remember to find the constants in life!

  6. I'm sorry your feeling blue, things will turn around!

    That dress is really pretty and those shoes were a great find :)

  7. Lady, you are completely entitled to some mooing with all you've been through. Cut yourself some slack!

  8. Sheila, I started reading your blog because I love your style and wanted to steal ideas from you, but I return every day because of your humor, intelligence, and genuinely kind heart, sprinkled with the perfect soupcon of sarcasm and pragmatism. And what a year you’ve had! Hang in there, Wonder Woman; breathe in and out -- things really will get better. In the meantime, I raise my glass to you, and thank you for all the times you helped me laugh at myself and get on with the day. Cheers! -- Judy S.

  9. You deserve a bit of a moan my dear! (unlike me with my "bored" moan the other day when actually, in reality, I don't have anything to moan about!)

    You won't put on weight - you are aware of the potential, and that is the very first hurdle - if you're (hopefully not!) unemployed, you won't be able to afford new clothes anyway - so you won't be able to put any weight on! (silver linings and all that - hmmmm!)

    But I'm in HR, and I'd give you a job - if you fancy coming over to the UK and working for the NHS!

    Keep your chin up chick :-)

  10. btw, fab, fab shoes! Me wanty!

  11. oy. i'm sad to hear about you and your family's troubles. i believe that your idea of deliberately having fun is very wise. life itself seems to hand us enough crap without our going out of our way to find it's important to make an effort to have fun!!

    great outfit, amazing shoe shopping mojo (and secondhand - good lord!) and you as a cow? all i can say is, 'Nice udders.'
    ; )! steph

  12. Hi, Lesa, good to see you. Thanks so much, hon, I really appreciate your empathy. Thanks!

    Thanks, Collette. I hope 2011 has good things in store for you as well.

    Thanks, Megan, I'm trying! I know, I've been looking for the perfect red shoe forever.

    Thanks, Rad. I appreciate your suggestion - I have been thinking about taking a yoga class.

    Cara, it actually did come in a blue tone mix! I wonder if you could find it on Ebay? Thanks for the timely reminder. :)

    Thanks, Iris!

    Sal, sometimes ya just gotta moo, you know? I am trying to be good to myself, thanks.

    Judy S., thank you so much for commenting, and for your kind words - I really appreciate both. You rock!

    Tat, thanks, sweetie. You're right, and I keep going to my WW meetings and moaning to all of them (poor gals!). Yes, staying in all my lovely clothes is good incentive! If I move to the UK, I will be in touch, hee. :)

    Steph, thanks for your email addy - I will email you from home. I could use help on getting that skirt to fit better, thanks!

    Lol at the "udders", m'dear! Thanks for the laugh!

  13. Moo from me too. I'm sorry to hear you have so much going on. I just wanted to say that visiting your blog always cheers me up - so you should definitely shout out on your blog if you feel a bit down, as you do so much to cheer others up the rest of the time. Then we can make you feel better. Sort of grumpy-karma!

  14. Secret Squirrel (love the name, heh), thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words. Thank you also for commenting. :) I may take BlogNation up on that when I'm feeling blue - great idea!

  15. No need to apologize for moo-ing. Venting is good, and keeping stress all bottled up doesn't help. I hope the rest of 2010 takes it easy on you.

    This outfit is smashing! I love the plaid dress, and those shoes were a very good find indeed.

  16. Sheila,

    Your blog is one I always love catching up on.

    I live in Vancouver, I'm forty-something, looking for a career change, and definitely not nearly as stylish as you (though you continuously give me inspiration), so I feel like we have a lot in common.

    I guess your post compelled me to finally comment and say: HANG IN THERE... and take good care of yourself!!!

  17. Sheila I think i't MO week.
    Seems like we are all having a rough ride, ones more than others.
    On the bright side you WILL have a job soon and your roof will be repaired before Christmas AND you will have a new kitten.
    Plus you look fab in that dress. I want a plaid dress.

  18. Shelia
    I am sorry you have all that happening this year. It is a lot for one person to handle and enter sane.
    I hope things improve and that you find tiny sparkles amongst the fall out.

    It is one of those weeks it feels like. you know THOSE weeks.

  19. Oh, Sheila, I really hope this year turns around for you! Hang in there!

    That plaid dress is darling, and I love the shoes!

  20. You are NOT a cow! You have every right to feel overwhelmed after a year like that. Ugh. Acknowledging those feelings is absolutely necessary, or you'd explode! Just don't let the negative vibe swallow you up! Remember, there are good things, too: travel, your mom, L, the rest of your family, your friends, the health of the aforementioned, your health, that your brother wasn't more seriously injured, that your condo roof will (eventually) be repaired, a prospective new kitteh, a great job (go for your dream job- what's stopping you?!), plus, your uncanny ability to find absolutely great clothing and accessories at thrift stores!
    Furthermore, you have come this far with your weight, and you have succeeded! You certainly sound regimented enough to not gain your weight back. Trust in yourself. You rock! (you DO know that, don't you?)
    We, your loyal blogreaders know that you do; and we offer you our good thoughts and energy!
    Go forth and be your knockout self!

  21. Thanks, Kelly. Yeah, everyone needs to vent. Thank you!

    Subliminal Su! Thank you so much for reading, and commenting! I really appreciate it. How cool that you're in Van! Thank you very much for your encouragement.

    Lorena, I totally agree! Moo! I know, things will get's just this week getting me down. You go get a plaid dress - you deserve it! Thanks, hon.

    Thanks so much, Hillary - and I know you understand, 'cause you're going through "moo" stuff too. It IS one of Those weeks. Take care of yourself, too.

    LaHdM, thanks, hon, me too. Thanks so much!

    Rita, oh, it's okay - I use "cow" affectionately (not in a "fat cow" kind of way). You're right, there are lots of good things in there - it's easy to miss those when the bad things happen. Yes, I do know I rock, but thank you for the reminder - I am grateful to have blog friends like you to help keep me on track, and grateful that I have a forum in which to share these kinds of things. Thanks, sweetie. :)

  22. Awww, Sheila, I'm so sorry you are feeling stressed and negative. I hear you, it's hard to maintain a positive outlook front when everything is piling up. I think we are allowed a crackup now and again when we're feeling like that.

    A great outfit that you love is a fantastic way to turn that around. I love your take on it!

  23. Thanks, Kristen, I appreciate your kindness.

  24. One of my regular sayings "Feel bad, look good". I often make a special effort when there's something wrong. I'm sorry you are losing your job, and hope things turn around for you soon!

  25. lawyerdoll, I love that - it goes right up with with "Fake it till you feel it" as a great saying to live by! Thank you so much for your kindness.


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