Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I See Stars

Aw, I have a tough time with skinny pants. First I tried to do them with a jacket (not so much), then I followed everyone's suggestions and did flats/kitten heels and a long tunic (better), but it didn't feel like me.

And even though today's outfit feels more like me, I feel self-conscious about my thighs:
Sheila! Stop covering them up! You don't have thick thighs - you have strong thighs! Thighs that got you through a marathon. Thighs that get you through 300 stairs a day! Thighs that have power!

And still, I feel silly about it, and I know I don't have gigantic thighs...
I don't wanna look at the camera...look at my shoes instead. See my pretty shoes? My nice boyfriend jacket, my lovely green shirt? Anything but the thighs.

But NO. I will not listen to that voice in my head. I will not hide my so-called "worst" feature. For I am...
Wonder Woman! And I will not deny that!

[intermission while I collect la la...doo de doo]

The stuff:
My JLos are nearly 3 years old now - when I bought them, this was an outrageous style! Now you see it everywhere.

That's all gold jewelry, by the way. The lighting in this room is going wonky now that the sun's going down earlier (booo).

A close-up:
Both the ring and the star bracelet were purchased in museums - you can find some amazing stuff in museum gift shops!

Jacket (Banana Republic, thrifted), silk top (Jacob, consignment), pants (Kensie), shoes (JLo), gold hoops (gift from L), gold chain worn as bracelet (Grandma J's, 70s vintage), star bracelet (Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC), ring (The Louvre, Paris).


  1. Skinny jeans/jeggings are the devil. I still have awful pix of me from the 80s wearing skinny stirrup denim leggings with a big tunic sweater. Gag. Don't people REMEMBER?

    If you want something that is skinny and well cut but balances you with a swanky flare, try the AG Angel. My absolute favorite expensive pair of jeans. Or cords as the case may be. You will see lots of them on me as the season gets colder.

  2. Hmmm... we all have our insecurities. I'm glad you can confront yours. And, of course, your thighs are wonderful: perfectly in proportion and fit. It's my nose that's too big... :)

  3. Awww I think you look fantastic! Gracious me!

    I think coming to terms with skinny pants is similar to experiencing "fitted" clothing after wearing baggy jeans and hoodies. Your body feels exposed in a new way. I think you have a great leg line and pull them off very well.

    I love the shoes, the emerald shirt and omg that star bracelet! *steals it while you aren't looking*

  4. Sheila, your legs look fierce in those pants. I know how hard it is to believe other people when it's one of those "personal body issues", but you can definitely pull them off. Without an issue.

    And I also hate the earlier setting sun - I'm in the sole province not on board with the whole day light savings time, so "night" generally starts around 8!!

  5. Yayyyy for you Sheila!!! You look fabulous in these!!! I dont think your thighs stick out at your jacket too!!!

    Have a fabulous day!
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  6. Sheila, you have great legs! You really should not feel self-conscious about them.

  7. I think you look great in those pants! The rolled up sleeves on the blazer and those B.A. shoes make it even better.

  8. Great outfit! Even greater attitude! I love your self-pep talk. I may borrow it for myself!

    I should have looked in the gift shop at the Museum of Art when we were there Sunday! Your "gold" is five-star!

  9. You look Great!! I was just asking my husband last night about why the girls on the commercials look so great in the skinny jeans no matter what they wear with them. And he reminded me they are not people they are models lol!!....Ugh I love the skinny jeans though I am still trying to figure out myself the way to pull them off and make them look great! Great outfit today ~Love Heather

  10. Yes, I just want to make sure you know my impassioned protest against skinny jeans did not mean that you don't look awesome. Because you do. I just have it in for the skinny trend. Sometime I'll post that photo of me from 1987 so you can see why. My hair was...crimped.

  11. aw, Sheila, your legs and that outfit look great! and speaking of WW, you notice how the ladies in comix always having amazingly muscled, huge thighs? none of that skinny, teeny thigh action in THAT world ; )

    i used to feel super self conscious about my thigh's saddlebags...i still don't go out of my way to showcase them, but i ran across this news story years ago that made me see them as so beautiful......

    young couple decide to drive over the Sierras in winter to go to grandma's funeral. long story short, they get marooned in hideous snowstorm. husband digs snow cave for wife and tiny infant and hikes out for help. wife keeps baby well-wrapped and breast fed for a couple of days, at which point the help summoned by husband arrives.

    young adults are dehydrated and lose toes to frostbite. tiny baby? in PERFECT CONDITION. where do you think the milk that saved that baby's life came from? one clue - wife didn't have skinny thighs even AFTER all that....since then, it's been hard for me to hate on larger thighs.

  12. Cynthia, I don't know if they're the devil, but they're tough to wear if you're not skinny. I am not a leggings person at all - hee, I wore that outfit back in the 80s too! I don't think we have that brand in Canada (I only have a couple pairs of jeans), but thank you!

    shybiker, of course we do. Thank you so much - and you don't have a big nose, you have a nose with character. :)

    Megan, thanks, hon. Yes, I would agree - I spent a lot of time hiding my body when I was heavy, and it was hard to get used to wearing fitted clothes. Hee, don't you touch that bracelet!

    Cara, thank you. I was fine until I saw the pictures - then my eye just zeroed in...THIGHS. I hate when we do that to ourselves. Same here for the sun - we're losing it around 7:30.

    Thanks, Collette!

    LaHdM, thanks, hon. I usually don't...but when I saw the pictures, all those insecurities came zooming back.

    Rad, thanks! I liked this look a lot.

    Rebecca, thanks - I try to work on my negative self-talk in a way that I learned from Weight Watchers. It really does help. You have to check museum gift shops! Next time. :)

    Thanks, Heather. Your husband is so right - models and 19-year-old girls!

    I know how you meant it, Cynthia, but thank you. :) Hey, I still HAVE my crimping iron!

    Steff, thanks so much. I love the reference to comics, you are so right. That is an awesome story about the woman and baby.

  13. Don't hide those thighs! They look GREAT in the skinnies.

  14. Thanks for your words of support, Audi, I really appreciate it. :)

  15. Yes, the super wonderwoman pose !
    That's the one to strike in those skinnies.
    I don't do skinnies, so I totally understand where you are coming from.
    But, I have to say they look great and I think you wore them perfectly....

  16. This is an awesome outfit, and you look gorgeous in it!! Love the black and green.

    It's funny that things we are self-conscious about are totally unnoticable to others. I think your thighs are perfect, personally. I'd kill for those thighs.

    I also have skinny jeans saved from 1987 or so, and I intend to wear them again someday, too bad by that time they will be out of style AGAIN lol

  17. I think that you have totally ROCKED those pants every time you have worn them. They look fabulous on you, with your strong, curvy, Wonder Woman, badass self!!!

    An artist friend once chastised me for not dressing more body- consciously. I said I was too concerned about my flaws. He told me to knock it off, and to 'own' my body. To be proud and flaunt what I have. He also said that following the body's line with clothes wasn't being over the top. He was right.
    We, as women, need to be our personal best, stop worrying about what we THINK we're supposed to look like (thanks, media), and start loving who we are and what we DO look like!

    And you, you are Mahr-velous!!!

  18. Thanks, Sherylyn! I know, and it's so silly when we realize how different others see us. You will rock those skinnies from the 80s, girl, I know it!

    Thanks so much, Rita. Your artist friend is so right. If we could only see ourselves as other see us, think of how much happier we might be.

  19. Okay, what? The last word I would have used to describe your thighs would be "thick". Hell no.

    Frankly, this is one of my favorite of your outfits, ever. I LOVE the proportions of everything, and OMG you look magnificent in that rich dark green. Your hair is just glowing next to it. (I have always been a sucker for redheads in dark green. I think it is one of the most beautiful combinations ever.)

  20. I too had a hard time with skinnies at first. I got over the hump by wearing them tucked into boots. The heaviness of the boots balances out my "super strong thighs."

    - Tessa

  21. Thanks, Tessa! I will probably wear them more with boots, you're right.


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