Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School - "A" Student

I'm actually featuring all Oxford-style shoes this week, to go with my "back to school" theme. Of course, that includes these wicked Fluevogs:
Kitty matches!

Nothing new in this outfit; worn the cardigan many times (here, here, and here), and the skirt twice (here and here - getting good value on it, considering it was only $7).

I was an "A" student, by the way. I was on the honour roll in Junior High (grades 8-10), but not in High School (I still got As, though). I couldn't be bothered to work so hard just to get my name up there. I was really good at English, Algebra, French and Art all the way through school - back when we had "enriched" programs, I was in all of them. I also graduated "with distinction" on my BA, meaning that I had an A- average for my courses in university (I even got a couple of A+s that I'm really proud of).

Were you an academic student?

The stuff:
Glorious shoes! I've had these for over 5 years - they are one of the few shoes I have from when I was heavy. They've held up really well over all the wearings.

The jewelry:
My Shi Studios set that Mom gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

Cardigan (Future Paradise, consignment), shirt (Vero Moda), skirt (Linda Allard for Ellen Tracy, thrifted), shoes (Listen Up "Harlow", Fluevogs), belt (Jacob), necklace & earrings (Shi Studio, gift from Mom).


  1. Oh, I will never tire of seeing these Fluevogs! I was a good student which is probably why I ended up going to grad school and doing a PhD.

  2. What a fabulous the feel of this one...I NEED those shoes:)

    Statements in Fashion

  3. Super cute! I'm loving the oxford style shoes and the pinstripe belt.

    I was a great student until middle school. I'm wretched at math and have trouble applying myself. I've turned around a lot since starting college, so far I've been an straight A student. Even in math!

    It never hurts to take a step back and reassess the way you approach your self discipline when it comes to learning.

  4. Great outfit. I'd kill for that skirt.

  5. How fun! A week of oxfords!

    And I was a helluva student in my day ...

  6. You Look Marvelous....Love the outfit yellow is a great color on you...I like yellow but it is not the best color on me I look better in cool colors.. I wear it anyhow though ~The shoes are super cute ~Heather

  7. Usually, I'm not a fan of Fluevogs (something about the heels remind me of teapots, and I'm not quite sure why a) I think that and b) why that's a bad thing- yes, I do realize that I am crazy), but those just work SO perfectly with that outfit that I just might be becoming a convert!

  8. Super hot!! And your Fluevogs are likely to make me a convert, as they're not as "cartoonish" as others I've seen featured on some blogs.

  9. LaHdM, thanks! These are one of my favourite pairs of those. Wow, you're definitely well-educated!

    Collete, thanks.

    Thanks, Megan! Don't you find that school is so much better when you're older? I know I applied myself much harder when I went back to university, since I had a better work ethic (went to all my classes, took notes, did the reading, asked questions, studied, duh!).

    Thanks, shybiker! I see skirts like this frequently when I thift - they are out there!

    Sal, thanks! I bet you were! :)

    Thanks, Heather! I say, wear whatever colours you love!

    Cara, fair enough - I don't like all their designs either. One of their lines actually did the heels to look like teapot spouts!

    Thanks, Iris!

    Thanks, freeda! I agree, some Fluevogs are too much, even for me. But there are some lovely ones too.

  10. Inigo looks so hugeeeeeeeee!
    I was an average student.
    Loved geography, history, literature.. was a total ass when it came to math, accounting and science.
    But I made it throughhhhhh

  11. Ha, I think he is the size of your dogs, Lorena! Good for you!


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