Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Mess O' Colours

September weather is goofy on the West coast of Canada. It's warm, but it's rainy. It could be sunny one minute, and cloudy the next. It's windy, then it's foggy. The older I get, the more I want to wear my hair really short because the humidy does crazyass things to it.

Anyway, what I meant to get at was that it's hard to figure out what to dress for when it's so changeable.
Blouse, tweed skirt and bare legs. I roasted in my thermal jacket on the way to work (I walk to and from work in workout wear), but was happy to have it when it poured all the way home.

I've worn this blouse twice (here and here (beware, vacation pictures)) since I got it. I really love the cut and drape of it.
Hee, I'm blurry in that picture because I'm waiting for the camera timer to go off. Try holding your balance like that for 10 seconds!

I also like that it has purple, pink, orange, green AND black in it - it's fun to pull out the various colours. I was surprised to see how well it went with this orange skirt, which is an old workhorse in my wardrobe, and the burgundy cami I have on underneath.

The stuff:
I've worn the shoes 5-6 times since I got them.

The sparkly bits:
Got those on sale at Plum many years ago - real gold and crystals.

Blouse (Nolita, thrifted), cami (Jackpot), skirt (Talbot's, thrifted), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), necklace/earrings (Plum).


  1. Adorable! I love the print top (but I'm a total sucker for great prints). I think that's the perfect colored tweed skirt. It works beautifully for both spring and fall.

    Also I'm surprised to find out you're on the west coast! The weather is just as crazy here in south-eastern US. It poured today and was hot while raining and cooled off in the morning and evening.

    (Also you mentioned Audi's harnesses being too booby for you - she does have some regular belts if you haven't checked her shop recently. )

  2. Perfect! I wish I could manage to look that sharp.

  3. Pretty outfit. Nice colors; love the fringe on the hem of the skirt. And, again, you make me laugh from recognition at the comment on trying to hold a pose with a foot off the ground!

  4. I know what you mean about goofy weather. My outfit was planned, and stupid spitting snowflakes forced me to rethink my dress. Hmmmph :(

    That skirt is a beautiful colour and I would definitely consider it a wardrobe staple. Personally, I would also consider it to be a neural colour, but that's a whole other mess o' colours debate!

  5. I can't decide which piece i like best - the adorable shoes, the ladylike skirt or that fantastic blouse. So I'm just going to go with "I love the whole outfit!"

  6. Great outfit Sheila!! I love the blouse....and of course the skirt is a PERFECT compliment to it!

    Have a Fashionable Weekend:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog

  7. Thanks, Megan! I'm a sucker for prints too. Yes, I'm a West-coaster, up in Canada - sounds crazy down your way too! I did check out Audi's Etsy site, but I'm still waiting for that perfect belt to jump out at me.

    Thanks, Cynthia!

    shybiker, thank you - those are box pleats on the skirt, actually, not fringe (Google "box pleats"). Hee, posing is such fun!

    Jen, no way, snowflakes? Already? You're in SK, right? I do actually wear this skirt with pretty much every colour in my wardrobe, so I guess it is a neutral for me!

    Dancing with Poodles (how I love the name), Marianne, thank you so much! I appreciate your comments, thank you.

    Thanks, Collette, you too.

  8. I am loving the color palette of this outfit! The print on that blouse is just fantastic!

    The weather here has been pretty wacky this week too.

  9. Just gorgeous! I'm trying to look as put-together as you!

  10. The colors are amazing in that blouse. I love how you coordinated so many different colors of pink/coral that mesh so well in this outfit. The shoes are a beautiful soft complement!

    Hehe, I've tried the one-legged pose on my porch and nearly fell off when I lost my balance. I'll stick to my boring old two-legged poses! Yours are so fun and energetic.

    (And in response to your blog comment: holy moley, that's a sizeable book and CD collection to contend with! I miss my full book collection, though. Somehow it isn't home until I have ALL of my favorites accessible to me.)

  11. I love your color combo today. It's "Fall Light".
    Plus, I'm a huge jewelry fanatic, and that set is really pretty- delicate, but with impact. Love it.

  12. LaHdM - thanks! What's up with September weather?

    lawyerdoll, thank you!

    Thanks, Kari, don't forget the orange too! Ha, yes, posing can be dangerous! Yeah, it's a lot of media...we have records (real vinyl) too!

  13. hee! i think you did pretty darn good on that one-legged pose! i'm lucky - my camera starts making more rapid red flashes a second or so before the shutter clicks, so i know when to do my thang (usually flicking me skirt).

    on the other hand, you have * two more whole seconds * to get into position. but as you point out, it's hardly an unalloyed positive.

    beautiful outfit on you : )

  14. I love the jewelry! I'm all about handmade (looking) things :)

  15. Omg. I feel the exactly the same way about Seattle weather. So bipolar. The weather gods are trying to torture/confuse us! WHY?! Love the color combination of your outfit!

  16. the necklace is so pretty! I love the way it photographs on the sheets.

  17. You look great here; I, too, enjoy the cut and drape of that blouse. And the gray shoes with the brights of the outfit is, as usual, inspired.

    Warning: I missed most of last week, so be prepared for some comments on old posts as I catch up. I don't like to miss ANY of your ensembles.

    And speaking of not missing outfits, we didn't miss a one of yours in the Wonder Woman Pose Conference line-up at IPF! Come on over and check out the grand finale on today's post. I am dying over the yellow boots. DYING (in a good way).

  18. Thanks, Steph!

    Thanks, Iris - I love handmade too.

    Hi, and welcome, Joy! Thank you for commenting. Crazy up here on the coast, isn't it?

    Thanks, Natasha - those "sheets" are my skirt and blouse in the main pictures, actually.

    Thanks, A-Dubs! The shoes are green, not grey (it's an odd mossy tone of green). Cool! Please feel free to catch up at your leisure. Ooh, thank you so much for all the pictures - I love it!


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