Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prickly Plaid

Continuing my "power colour" theme, today I'm wearing my red plaid skirt:
I managed to actually remember my top this time, which is this sequined one-shoulder thing, last seen here. It's not the same shade of brown as what's in the skirt, but I still thought it went well. It's very prickly. Sequins are not comfortable.

The olive green jacket is new-to-me - I got it over a month ago, but it's been too warm to wear it.
Seeing as "military" is a big look for autumn, this will probably go into strong rotation. I really like the seaming on the waist of it, and the flap pockets (none in the boobular region! hurrah!). I think it was around $18. It also doesn't match the skirt, but it still goes with all the fall colours.

This outfit also has an item that I have had for over 10 years and never worn:
The scarf! Remember around 1999-2000 when it was the "in" thing to tie big fringe-y scarves around your hips, over your jeans? I worked in a women's clothing store back then (Fairweather, when it was good, for you Canuck women who remember those days), and I bought this for around $12. It was clipped on a pant hanger for all these years, getting dusty. I needed pant hangers recently so I tossed it into my basket-o-scarves and what do you know? Here it is.

The stuff:
I kept the accessories down to just the cuff and simple hoops because of all the shiny shiny sequins and shiny shoes and fringe-itude.

Speaking of fringe:
Yes, that scarf has some.

Jacket (RW & Co., consignment), top (Express, thrifted), skirt (Casual Corner & Co., thrifted, vintage 80s), shoes (Jessica Simpson), scarf (Fairweather), cuff (Oscar & Libby's), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Plaid and sequins?! I love it. Seriously, that's really awesome.

    I love outfits where nothing quite matches but it all "goes".

  2. Oh wait, are we not supposed to wear those scarves anymore? You're looking awesome in your early aughts/late 90s scarf. I think red and khaki/army green go together well.
    p.s.: I am seriously impressed with your ability to rock those brown top and still be work appropriate.

  3. Sweet Fairweather! How wonderful you used to be. And why must you (Fairweather) suck so hard at present?

    Your patience with the scarf is more than a little impressive, Sheila. And those sequins are such a perfect piece to pair with the potentially conservative-ish plaid skirt and green jacket.

    Seriously, you are quickly becoming my Yoda of fashion. Wonderfully creative, you are. Freaking awesome, it is.

  4. That olive jacket is fantastic. I admit to wearing fringe-y scarves over jeans as late as 2005.

  5. I love that skirt and jacket! Why do designers think that pockets on your boobs is attractive? I never understood that and if you over a B/C cup it just adds way too much bulk to the area.

  6. Pretty skirt. The length is so flattering on you.

    And cute scarf. I love hearing stories about the history of fashion.

    Did you learn much working at that store? I worked at Loehmann's when I was young (as a stockboy) and tried to absorb whatever knowledge I could from the saleswomen.

  7. sheila, birthdays are good! I am replying to your comment on In Professorial Fashion's blog. September is my favorite month. And one of the reasons is that it's my bday month!
    I'm glad I found you through their blog yesterday!

  8. I love the 'fallen leaves' colors of your outfit today. Very seasonal. Red is really a great color on you, I can see why it's your "power" color. And since the last post I commented on was the makeup post (I think) I must comment on your lipstick! The slightly darker color looks très bien!

  9. Thanks, Megan, I was rather pleased with it.

    Rad, yeah, I know, no one told me...Thanks so much! I love red and olive together too. Well, my work is pretty casual (I am probably the most overdressed person here, of nearly 200 people).

    A-Dubs, I miss the old FW. We no longer have them in my city, but they degenerted into crap. Thanks so much for your kind words...and wanna hear something funny? I wrote a Linguistics paper on Yoda's speech patterns. Ha!

    LaHdM, thanks! I never wore scarves like that (I was too self-conscious about my hips).

    Thanks, Tina! I know, what's up with that?

    shybiker, thank you. I learned tons working there, mostly about how women feel about themselves, their bodies. I also learned a lot about fabric and cut.

    BBSM, I know! Birthdays rule, especially mine! Happy B-Day to you this month!

    Thanks, Rita! I'm wearing my "paint-on" permanent lipstick - it's a very bright red. I usually only do gloss or nothing, as I have naturally dark lips.

  10. Holy Mother of All Things Red! You are killing it this week, KILLING IT! Bravo


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