Monday, September 13, 2010

Schlumpy Monday - Hated It

Gah. I bought this dress on Friday night - I love the brand (Noa Noa), and I love the fabric and I love the cut of it (it's very 50s housewife). However, what I do not love:
This dress on me. Wow, what a bad purchase! And there I am, trying to pose it into looking better. Yeah, NO.

I thought, "I can layer this! Put different coloured slips under it! Wear a really cool belt with it!" Believe me, I tried. I tried the red slip, the navy slip, the cream slip - none of them looked right. I ended up going with a cream half-slip and a pink cami. And a black bra. Whatever possessed me to wear a BLACK bra under a see-through brown lace dress is beyond me.
And the hem! It does a weird bubble thing! At an unflattering length too, I might add. And the dress is too wide in the shoulders, and the waist is all wrong, and I look like I've gained about 30 pounds.

This dress is going straight into the consignment bag. Hopefully, I'll get a good return on the $45 I spent. Bah! Bad dress, bad, bad dress!

The stuff:
Not even normally good stuff worked. The rose was the wrong colour and looked asstastic. The shoes were wrong. The scarf-as-belt: *buzzer noise*.

Okay, it's going to take a serious effort to wash the taste of this out of my mouth tomorrow. What will it be...? What would YOU wear?

Dress (Noa Noa), cami (Jackpot), scarf (thrifted), rose (Roberta's Hats), shoes (Circa Joan & David, thrifted), half-slip (thrifted), necklace (Plum), pearls (Eaton's, 80s), ring (Guess).


  1. Aw - I hate when dresses are good ideas... in theory! I think some animal print and bold shoes for tomorrow... something fiesty and brave!

  2. After an outfit fail, I try to wear something that I'm super-confident in!!

    You tried like heck, though! Kudos for that. And for the shoes, of course. :)

  3. I think the worst parts are the color and hem. Back to consignment, definitely.

    In an effort to dispel the bad dress taste - Bright colors, structure, Awesome shoes. All of which you have in abundance, especially awesome shoes.

    We all have off days. The great thing about blogging is we can go "okay I didn't love this" and start all over tomorrow. Even better we have record of what doesn't work.

  4. Hi Sheila.....I'm so sorry about your dress....I would NOT send it to consignment just yet....hear me out...I totally agree about everything you have said about the dress....the sleeves are not flattering...the hem is just not can easily fix those things, seriously:) If you really loved the dress...Id give it another "go"...I would cut away at the bottom of that hem until it was about 3" above your knee (Shorter if you prefer)..where the actual sleeve connects at the shoulder....Id simply cut it off..
    Id wear a long black once piece long slip under the dress (so the bottom of the lace on the black slip hung out from the bottom of the dress)Id do a cute faux fur belted vest (or cardigan belted, Id say black for both)wear black heels with no socks if its warm enough (with the sleeveless vest look) or with tights for the cardigan look) Id style the jewelry SILVER..sorry..Im rambling may not even like my taste..I just hated to hear you giving up on a piece you truly loved enough to buy:)

  5. Our fashion experiments are all trial-and-error, but what impresses me is your success-rate.

    For you not to be able to find a way to make an outfit work means there's wrong with the elements. Toss this dress aside and move on...

  6. frankly, if you were just walking down the street towards me i'd first notice the awesome pairing of taupe-y brown with lime green (in suede and satin, no less). you'd get the thumbs up from me!

    but i guess when you're coming off a streak of:

    reading and reviewing an eclectic group of high quality fiction;
    showing incredible taste and fine-motor skill on your 'smithy';
    inducing jaw-dropping envy with your collection of oxford-style shoes ALONE;
    composing a fantastic outfit and post illustrating how to take fashion inspiration from nature;
    dancing the night away in the world's best mini (with legs to match);
    not to mention your day in, day out posting of completely outstanding workplace outfits, PLUS your regular sprinkling of on-point casual ensembles.......

    Sheila, you're such an over-achiever! now you have a taste of what it's like for the rest of us ; ) it is a bummer to feel like forty-five bucks and your time, effort, etc. are down the drain. But i'm sure you will rise again!!!!! hope today is happier for you, steph

    (ha! my verification is 'herting')

  7. LOL...sorry but that dress should be burned. How dare it make you look less than fabulous!! My suggestion for tomorrow (well today now) would have been something that included those black pants that make your legs look a mile long or that high-waisted pencil skirt that shows off your tiny waist. Cleanse, cleanse! Can't wait to see today's outfit!

  8. What a shame.
    Did you try your pretty obi belt with it ?
    How about a vest ?
    Or a wide red belt ?
    I like the dress, but totally understand when one does not feel right or comfortable with a garment :(

  9. I would take this dress up in the length......that happens to me all the time with shoes I buy these really cute shoes and then they give me the worst blisters ugh! Sometimes you just can't win lol~ I am sure your next outfit will be smashing!! ~Heather

  10. Sheila, honestly, I don't think that it's a bad dress on you - though it's kind of lacking your sass and personality, and you have plenty of other dresses that are better suited.

    I'd suggest seeing if you could take up the length or revamp the sleeves to something that's more flattering on you, and I'm sure that it would look more like you if you paired it with funkier jackets or accessories.

    However, if you simply aren't feeling it, there's no harm in waving goodbye. It's frustrating, though, when you can't return it! Good for you for recognizing it right away instead of hanging on to an item you hate forever, which is what I tend to do...

  11. LOL, I love the term "buzzer sound," I'm going to totally steal that phrase!

  12. I would like to repeat everything tinyjunco wrote please.

  13. Cara, I took your advice, thank you!

    freeda, exactly. Not all days will be good.

    Megan, yeah, I agree. I should be able to get a good trade-in. Very true - and everyone has bad days.

    Collette, no, I know my taste and style, and I also know that I don't do alterations to my clothes. But thank you so much for your thorough assessment and thoughts, I do appreciate it. :)

    shybiker, thank you! Yes, it's just not the right dress for me.

    Aw, Steph, thank you so much. I am indeed an over-achiever, and I do tend to be very hard on myself. I appreciate the reminder to lighten up. :)

    Sherylyn, I know! Lol, we shall discuss today. I am wearing the black pants today - showed off the waist yesterday. :)

    Lorena, I did, I did, I did (I have a skinny red belt, but I also tried a wide brown belt, tried both). None of them worked. The top part is just wrong for my upper body.

    Heather, I don't do alterations, but I see where you're coming from. I think the problem is more with the top half. Oh, I hate that with shoes!

    Kari, you're right, it's more of a C+ when I'm used to As. ;) I actually really liked the sleeves, but the shoulders and bodice are not cut right. I did try it with a LOT of jackets and other accessories with no luck. I'm okay with not returning it, since I'll just consign it...and I've gotten such good deals on other things, it all balances out. Ya win some, ya lose some, right? :)

    Thanks, anonymous people.

    SU, accepted, thank you.


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