Monday, September 20, 2010

Casual Friday: Wood Sprite

Whoa, what happened to the weekend? I had full intention (no, I didn't) of posting this on Friday (lies!), and then possibly on Saturday (more lies!), but didn't even think of posting it yesterday (true). I took a sick day today to hang out with my dear L, so for me, it's still the weekend. And that means casual:
My first wearing of tights so far this season! I wanted to wear boots but couldn't face my pasty white legs (sunblock works).

Inigo looks remarkably tolerant of me forcing a hug on him:
It's been a little cool and rainy in the mornings, so I added the outdoor pieces of hat and jacket:
Didn't need them, as it got sunny out later on.

The stuff:
I forgot to take my necklace off for the picture. I've only worn these boots a couple of times, last February (here and here).

This is how I layered my tights:
I wore solid brown, then put a mossy green fishnet overtop. Yes, I'm taking a picture of my leg on a table.

Unfortunately, the fishnets have a bigass hole right on the front of the leg. I tried to ignore it, but I don't think I can wear these much more.
Oh, and you all must check out In Professorial Fashion's "Wonder Woman Pose Conference" - I'm in it!

Jacket (Alison Wonderland, consignment), t-shirt (Truly Madly Deeply, consignment), green tee (Plum), skirt (Bebe, swap from Caro), boots (Hispanitas, consignment), hat (Shelley West), cuff (Catalyst Reaction Leather), earrings (Plum, gift from L).


  1. love this look- layered tights - oh my- anything green gets my attention.

    okay- jealous lots- it is still in the upper 90's in the southern states- no jackets, books, sweaters,etc for quite some time.

    does your kitty like to be carried around?? we have one that is 15 lbs and 10 yrs old and he thinks he is a baby- likes to be carried a lot.

  2. I love the oh-so-fitting-post-title
    of "Wood Sprite". Very woody...very spritey!
    Seriously though, you look great in olive green and the darker jewel tones. Perhaps because of (rather than in spite of) your pale skin.
    No matter why; they really look good on you. (imho)
    Love the layering of the tights, and I am delighted by that cuff every time you wear it. Great outfit!

  3. yay! really nice outfit! i love all those complex greens, esp. against your red hair. and the layered legwear is exceptionally well done ; )

    that Inigo!! he definitely seems to have his own ideas about how things should be - can he help it if his humans just need a little 'instruction' in order to figure out what they should be doing. his personality really comes across!

    give him a hug from me - or well, maybe an extra sardine might be a better idea...

  4. I have always liked that trick you play with your tights, but today my favorite piece is the grrrrreen jacket.

  5. I love tights and layering them is cool. This combo looks great.

    I broke out my tights today too and went crazy with color. Just posted the pix.

    Hope you enjoyed the day off.

  6. Cute! I'm going to have to try the layered tights (if it ever cools off!)

  7. I love the layered tights!

    Your WW posing was epic!

  8. I especially like that jacket! (And of course you know I'm a big fan of denim, too.)

  9. Wendy, it's on the front of my right shin. I didn't take a picture of it!

    Alecia, thanks! Yes, Inigo is very cuddly. He likes being picked up and carried around, but prefers to flop on us and sleep.

    Rita, thanks!

    Thanks, Steph, I am rather fond of green. Yes, Inigo is a real character. I'll give him some tuna for you.

    Thanks, Lorena! I love the jacket too. Such a lovely colour.

    Thanks, shybiker! I will check your blog out tonight (sorry, have been very busy).

    Megan, thanks! I enjoy the variety of layering.

    LaHdM, thank you!

    Thanks, Rebecca!

  10. I love what you do with green. My gosh, you are already wearing layered tights? It's not nearly that cold yet here!

  11. I really didn't need the tights - I'm just getting antsy for the cooler weather clothes in my closet! Thanks, Kristen!


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