Friday, September 10, 2010

Casual Friday: Back to School - Suede Skirt!

Today, I'm excited, despite the "I am not amused" look on my face.

Yes, it's the weekend, yes, there is football (I'm a huge fan - I've been in a fantasy league for over 10 years. My team is the Carolina Panthers, although L's is the Miami Dolphins, so I also love them.), but mostly I am excited about this skirt:
That is an olive green suede skirt, people. It makes a rippling sound like sails in a strong wind when I walk. It is soft, like "buttah" and I can't stop petting my legs (and making all my co-workers touch it).
But there are two awesomer (and you can tell I'm even more excited because I'm using a non-word like "awesomer") things about this skirt:
1. It was $19.50. I know. Steal. It's Danier Leather and it probably originally sold for over $80 new. This is one of my best thrift store finds ever.
2. When I found this at the thrift store, of course I checked the label:
It's machine washable and machine dryable! I've washed it and dried it and it worked! Why aren't more leather/suede items made like that?

I was kind of hoping it would shrink a bit, as it sits really low on my hips and I'm in danger of revealing some plumber's crack, but no such luck.

The stuff:
The last of the Oxford-style shoes for this week. These ones have a great little peep-toe and I love the stitching and two-tone colour. I've had these for nearly 3 years and wear them a lot.

I forgot about this belt. It's much more useful since I poked another hole in it.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Blouse (no label, vintage, thrifted), denim vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), skirt (Danier Leather, thrifted), shoes (Unlisted), belt (Aldo Accessories), cuff (don't remember), earrings (Plum, gift from L).


  1. I LOVE the skirt and shoes. The skirt looks like it'll be warm for fall. And I cannot believe your thrifting finds.

    I'm surprised the suede is washable. As far as I knew, water would trash suede.

  2. gulp- what a deal on that buttery skirt!! Serious love for those shoes

  3. Seriously? You can wash and dry that awesome skirt?! That's definitely worth inventing a word.

    Also, I love how this low-rider hugs your hips and drops so perfectly almost to the floor, but leaves just the right room so that your excellent oxfords are also showcased. In short, you look svelte, curvy, and awesome!

  4. I really love brown for the fall...and those shoes...once again, you are killing me!!! Love them:)

    Have a great night!!

    Statements in Fashion

  5. Looks like I missed class all week long! Do I need a note?

    That skirt's washable? Crazy luck you have with your thrift store shopping. You have such an eye for these amazing finds!

  6. What an awesome skirt! You are so right, why don't they make ALL leather clothes that way? Machine wash- so very cool.
    Those shoes are to die for, too. Fabuloso! Great outfit from head to toe!
    (and I have to admit, even though I'm from the US Midwest, I'm an Australian Rules Football fan- I watched it by chance once, and now I'm completely and utterly hooked...) But my hubby loves the Green Bay Packers, so I have grown to love them, too!

  7. Man, I want to be you! You not only find great clothes but you purchase them at ridiculously-low prices. How'd you find a gorgeous suede skirt so cheap?!

    Love it. It looks great on you. The only downside is the petting by strangers...

  8. LOVE LOve Love!! that skirt!! What a truly awesome find! WOW!

  9. Love those shoes!! Where did you get them? You put together great outfits.

  10. Way to rock the suede...I have those shoes in black/grey. We are like this, you and me, like this.

  11. Thanks, Megan! I know, I'm excited to wear it with other things. I believe it's the lining (which is usually acetate) that prohibits you from washing suede, not the suede itself (it's cow, cows can be washed, right?).

    Alecia, I know! I was so pleased. Thanks!

    A-Dubs: yes! Isn't that amazing? Thank you so much!

    Freeda, thanks!

    Thanks, Collette, I always love fall colours.

    Jen, no, I'll let it go this time, hee. I was so lucky to find this skirt!

    Thanks, Rita! Oh, how cool - I haven't seen any Aussie Rules, but I know it's very physical! Of course, we have to be fans of our hubbies' teams!

    shybiker, thanks! I just keep my eye out - I go by feel, colour, pattern, then check for fit.

    Alison, thanks!

    Pam, the shoes were from Winners, about 3 years ago. Thank you!

    SU, we are like this? Like this? Ooh, that's scary! Thanks!

    Thanks, Wendy!

  12. Now that you've found that gorgeous, machine washable (!) Skirt, can you please lead me to the Holy Grail?

  13. Ha, thanks, Laywerdoll! If I see it, I'll let you know. :) Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  14. WOW
    what a detailed care instruction tag....


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