Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to School - The Keys to Education

Football season has started, so I must be quick!

New jacket, nice and plaid-y:
The jacket is cotton with Spandex, unlined and really stretchy. I liked that I could shove the sleeves up. It was $6 in a thrift store.

I wanted to wear it done up, but it's been warm today. But see how nicely it hugs?
I haven't worn this skirt since last December! Crazy.

Check out the back of the jacket:
I love how it dips down a bit, like an English riding jacket.

The stuff:
The vintage mink pin was worn on the back of the jacket (see it in the picture above?).

I had many people ask me today if those keys opened anything. What is it about keys?

When I got this jacket, it only had two buttons on the front - and they were held on with safety pins! I rooted around through my button tin (everyone has some sort of button tin, right? Where you put all the extra buttons?) and found these:
The bottom one is an original, the one on the right is brown, and the top button is a dark red (the plaid has a brown and dark red thread in it). I hate sewing, but it was necessary!

Jacket (Armour Jeans, thrifted), lace top (Noa Noa), cami (InWear), skirt (Planet), shoes (Steve Madden, thrifted), necklace (Aldo Accessories), key earrings (some gift shop), brooch (vintage, thrifted).


  1. I love every element of this outfit..and what a great thrift store find you made:)

    Statements in Fashion

  2. Sheila, that jacket is AMAZING on you. I love the nipped-in waist, the slightly longer length, and the great plaid print. Hang on to that one! It's such a great shape with that skirt.

    For some reason, since you started this post talking about football, I expected to see a sports - inspired casual outfit - not something so classy and beautiful. Shows what I know!

  3. I've been dying for a jacket like that (to put elbow patches on). Awesome thrifting find. I love the kicky lace skirt mixed into the outfit.

  4. Boy you have been having a great run of thrift finds lately. Me too actually... I'm loving all the oxfords this week too cute! Hopefully, I'll be out of my funk soon. I'm finding that wearing jeans and tees everyday is rotten for my mood. I sucked it up and wore a long denim skirt to work today and felt much better. Most of the time though it's just not practical, way to dirty at work to nice clothes... sigh...

  5. I didn't realize you were a football fan!

    I love the shoes and the jacket!

  6. Apparently back to school just means awesome shoes... I'm ok with that!

  7. What a find! That's an awesome jacket! My last thrifting spree (last night) was significantly less successful... I came out empty handed! I'm visiting my parents again this weekend, and always have better luck at the stores here, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get time to check them out tomorrow!

  8. Love this look has a european flair to it ~Heather

  9. Mos Def an A+ outfit. Love the jacket with the mis-matched buttons. Super cute. And should you feel a need to toss it, please send it my way - I'll pay for shipping!

    Love the oxfords feature this week. You have sent me searching high and low for new shoes to gussie up my closet!

  10. Such fun details on the jacket!

  11. That jacket is a great find. Love the back, especially with the pin. And how clever to put all the different buttons on it.

    Of course I have a button collection! So many times a thrifted jacket or shirt is missing buttons. Just put a whole bunch of different ones on and voila! it's a design feature.

  12. Your accessorizing is absolutely killer these last few days.


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