Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ruby Slippers - and Best Thrift Ever!

So I kind of have a theme going this week: red. I just feel like wearing my power colour, and yes, I am feeling a little festive (October is always a majorly good month for me because of my birthday). Plus, you know how it goes - you get a few new things in the same colour family, and pow! You have a theme.

Yesterday, it was the jacket, today it is the blouse: Which we will discuss in a minute. I've worn this strapless dress every way BUT strapless (last seen here and star of the 3rd Wardrobe Challenge here). I just love the look of it over top of a button-down shirt.

I pushed it with the lacy tights, but I've been dying to wear tights, even though it's been too warm the last few days.
Okay, the blouse. I got it at Value Village for $3.99. I spotted the fabric initially. When I thrift, I scour the racks visually for colours and patterns that appeal to me, then I touch them to see if they are a good quality (I remember being taught about "the hand" of a garment to test for quality when I sold women's clothing). This one leaped out at me - it's a very soft polyester (yay! washable!) and I love the mini check.
It had no label, aside from the care/fabric tag (which is really faded), but it fit (a wee bit snug in the chest, but otherwise, lovely), and the price was right. But, because I'm all about the details, I checked out the snaps.

Don't you just love snaps over buttons? They're so much better. Especially these snaps: Yes, that says what you think it says: PRADA. And the care tag says "Made in Italy". Are you kidding me? I found a Prada blouse in Value Village for $3.99?? This is my best thrifting find EVER. I am so tickled.

Let's calm ourselves and look at the stuff:
Not even taking into account the PRADA blouse, I love all these pieces. My wonderful shiny red Fluevog "Listen Up" Audrey shoes.

A close-up:

The zipper rose that I got in London, my stud cuff and black bangle, and my trusty red belt.

Dress (Club Monaco, consignment), blouse (Prada, thrifted - hee!), belt (Plum), shoes (Fluevog), brooch (V&A Museum), cuff (80s), black bracelet (Le Chateau).


  1. That shirt really is an awesome find!!!! I also love your zipper brooch and fabulous shoes :)

  2. Holycrap! Awesome find. I love how the shape of the blouse plays against the strapless dress. The tights! The 'vogs! Way too cool.

  3. Have you ever done your power color? It has to
    Do with when you were born and the time I believe. Someone did mine and it was teal. Which is weird cause red makes me feel powerful but people always love me in teal.

  4. Another amazing outfit - you always pull the most unlikely items together to the best effect, something I can only aspire to :-)

    A number of uk bloggers are doing "ruby shoesdays", and wearing red shoes on a Tuesday means you've met the brief :-). (I'm not doing it, I've only 2 pairs!)

  5. I absolutely ADORE that dress over a button down blouse. Such a fabulous look for you, Sheila! OMG what a deal on the blouse too.

  6. Wow - the Thrifing Gods were smiling on you that day!

    I always like the way you style that strapless dress, it makes a great outfit.

  7. wonderful find on the checked blouse-In fact I love everything about your ensemble- the zippered rose, curvy shoes, strapless top and accessories.

    I feel you on the a little too snug comment- seems like most woven tops are that way for me- size up then the shoulder seam falls off my shoulder.

  8. What a find! And so perfect with the strapless dress.

  9. That looks awesome! AND THAT FIND! OMG! How awesome!

    Lucky gal!

  10. Prada? $3.99? You really are Wonder Woman!

    When's your birthday? Are you a Scorpio? (I am; Nov. 3rd)

  11. I'm very jealous of your thrifting ability! And that zipper flower is fabulous!

  12. Awesome!

    I've found some nice designer items thrifting, but I think one of my best from about 10 years ago was a vintage early 1960s fur coat (totally Mad Men) in like-new condition for $30. (Yeah, it's fur...but hey, it's 50 years old now and is being reused.)

    Did you know BTW that in the original Oz book, Dorothy wore *silver* shoes? Most don't know that. But the movie was in the new Technicolor, so...

  13. Amazing find!
    I love how you wear this strapless dress as non-strapless. Brilliant.

  14. i have to say I am not a fan of strapless dresses over something (or alone lol). but I have to say I LOVE the way you've done it here. great job!!! you look fabulous! oh, and that Prada find. Great for you!!! i've gotton into thrift shopping lately and am loving it.

  15. Thanks, Iris!

    Megan, I know, too sweet! thanks!

    Hillary, no, I didn't know you could "do" them. I'll have to look that up, thanks!

    Thanks, Tat! Oh, perfect, lovely to be in sync with the UK blogosphere.

    Thanks, Kristen, I like this look too.

    Northmoon, totally. Thank you so much.

    Thanks, Alecia! Yeah, I have that same problem, darned boobs!

    Sal, thanks!

    Thanks, Andie! I know! So lucky.

    shybiker, ha! I guess so! I'm October 9th. Ha, your birthday is the same as my ex's.

    Steph, yes, that's exactly how I felt.

    Cara, thanks!

    Thanks, Someone. I have no issues with vintage fur - you can find some awesome furs in thrift stores. No, I didn't know that about "The Wizard of Oz"! Thanks!

    Wendy, totally.

    Kelly, thanks!

    BBSM, no problem, different strokes, etc. :) Thanks! Thrifting is so fun - and when you find those scores...ah, the thrill.


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