Thursday, July 29, 2010

From Her Head Down to Her Toenails

The hot weather is easing off, so my minimalist outfits may soon come to an end. I was a bit chilled until the sun hit the windows at work....then I was "glowing".

I wore red lipsitck today (shout out to Wendy B!):
Which matched my red toenails. If you can name the song that the lyric in the post title is from, you get 10 points! I almost never wear lipstick, but this is one of those "stay put" ones that you have to use remover to get off.

I absolutely love this skirt - isn't it gorgeous? It's one of the few new things I got last year (using birthday money) while I was in the middle of my Fashion Challenge in 2009. I've worn it here, here, here and here.

It's tricky with bare legs because the netting is prickly:
I always forget about these shoes because they are only good with bare legs, so I put them away for half the year.

The stuff:
Glorious pattern!

Top (I.N. San Francisco, consignment), skirt (Le Chateau), belt (Plum), shoes (Jones New York, consignment).


  1. Wow your hot weather season is very short! I'm still expecting another 2+ months of warm weather.

    I love the minimalism style of the top and shoes contrasted with the floral floofiness of the skirt. a great balance.

  2. I approve of the red lipstick and that cute Marilyn Monroe-esque pose!

  3. Hi Sheila,
    Love the netting, cute skirt. My husband just came back from Canada and brought a huge box of coffee crisps. We don't have them here. Damn him, those things call to me....

    Don't know the song---sorry.

  4. Super Freak! Do I get bonus points for catching the allusion as soon as I read the title?

    Love following your blog!

  5. Did you wear this to work? I could never get away with bare shoulders and very exposed feet in the office!

  6. You're a knockout! I adore that skirt and the silhouette it creates.

  7. shes a superfreak! superfreak! shes superfreaky now!

    love the skirt, and those shoes are fab on you!

  8. Oh Sheila Marie !
    This is a fabulous skirt, the colors are amazing and those shoes....
    Well, I am on my way out to the eviction. Wish me luck.

  9. Wow, the skirt is amazing, it looks fantastic on you!

  10. That skirt is amazing - the shape and colors and print are just fantastic. You look so lovely!

  11. that skirt is definitely pretty! I never know what to do about prickly netting either.

  12. Wow, that skirt looks killer, especially with the fitted top and your toned arms bared. You look like you could kick some serious ass, and then casually touch up your lipstick and go sauntering away.

  13. Megan, it will still be warm, just not in the 80s like it has been. We could still get another heatwave in August or September. Thanks so much!

    Wendy, so glad! Thanks!

    Lesa, thanks, and yes, Coffee Crisps are fantastic (I haven't had one in years, but now you have me craving one). And you're the first one to get the song! 10 points to you!

    Good job, Anonymous - yes, I'll give you 8 points for that. Thank you!

    Anonymous, yes, I wear all my outfits to work during the week, and wear them all day. I work in an enclosed office with 6 other people that I know really well. I rarely see other people, and never meet most of my clients.

    Thanks, Sal - me too, it's a favourite!

    Thanks, EN - you got it! 3rd place in the song category. Thanks!

    Lorena, you're so funny. Good luck!!

    Thanks, Virginia!

    Thanks, Sara, and thank you very much for commenting - I do appreciate it. :)

    Thanks, Natasha! I was going to wear a slip under it, but I don't own one that short. I like your blog a lot! Thanks so much for commenting.

    Thanks, Audi! Ha! I could definitely kick some ass - in any outfit!

  14. Yep, that skirt is still one of my favorites! Love it on your bare-legged. Hope the crinoline didn't itch too much.

  15. Same here, Kristen! It prickled more than itched.

  16. she's a very freaky girl (badoop badoop) from her head down to her toenails.....and she will never let your spirits down, once you get her off the street....blow daddy!!

    once you get there she's got incense, wine and candles, it's such a freaky scene....

    (sorry, couldn't help meself)


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