Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Outfits - Plain Old Me

Ah, a nice quiet weekend is almost at an end. And this is what I wore, plain, unvarnished and without make-up or even styling my hair.

Weight Watchers outfit:
This doubled up as my "after Ultimate" outfit for lunch and a bit of thrift/consignment store shopping yesterday.

Dress (Vero Moda), sandals (Rinaldi), gold hoop earrings (gift from L).

Last night, L and I strolled to town for dinner:
We had Thai food - yum!

Dress (Hale Bob), shoes (Joan & David, thrifted), scarf (Smoking Lily, gift from Janet), purse (Aldo).

And after a lazy day of uploading new songs onto my mp3 player, we went to see "Inception" with Kelly. I wore a jacket because the theatre is always freezing:

Good movie! We had a beer and a slice of pizza after, then walked home. A lovely weekend!

Jacket (Bebe, second hand), t-shirt (Truly, Madly, Deeply..., consignment), skirt (I.N.C., consignment), shoes (Stonefly, thrifted).

Hope you had a fab weekend!


  1. That dinner outfit is so pretty and summery!

  2. I like that "after Ultimate" outfit. It looks comfortable and the colors are SO good with YOUR natural (or not) colors.

    ...and the evening dress for Thai restaurant--really beautiful.

    Our weekend was nothing to brag about. Just too hot. This morning is another thing! Wonderfully cool and refreshing. Wow!

  3. I do like your weekend outfits, Sheila. You always look very comfy, but you're also still always chic and interesting looking.

  4. That plaid dress + you look amazing !
    If I were in Weight Watchers and you walked IN I would be totally flipping.... YES I WANNA DO THIS !
    I wanna be like her :)
    You look like a red haired BArbie.

  5. Nice Sheila, all three are outfits are great.
    I am soooo jealous that you get to walk everywhere. I would love to walk down the street and grab a pizza and beer, with you of course.

  6. Thanks, Wendy! I don't wear that dress enough.

    Thanks, Megan!

    Rebecca, thanks! I should wear that lace dress more. Aw, it's not good when it's too hot. Hope it cools off for you.

    Thanks, Cat! I really don't put a ton of effort into them.

    Thanks, Lorena! Ha, I don't know about that. Lol, a red-haired Barbie??

    Thanks, Beverly! I don't have a drivers' license, so walking is my transportation. I can't imagine living somewhere that I couldn't walk from place to place! You're on for a beer, m'dear. :)


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