Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonder Woman

I am not sure about the Wonder Woman re-design - I watched the TV show back in the day (of course! along with "The Six Million Dollar Man" and "The Bionic Woman"!), and man, I wanted to kick butt (and have an invisible jet) like her! Click here for the funky intro of the show - ah, memories!

I wore my gold bracelets today in case I needed to ward off any stray bullets:
I've only worn this dress once (here), and today was a stressful day, so I'm glad I picked something simple. I'm also keeping with the whackadoo colours earlier this week, with some pink and orange. Woo, look out, I'm crazy!

This is also the second wearing of this belt (previously here). I like the dress better with a belt - this one sure made me sit up straight!

The stuff:
Every winter, I go to toss these bronzy sandals in the consignment bag, but then I remember how nice they are in the summer, with their low heel. I'm glad I kept them.

My Wonder Woman gold bracelets:
Ka-pow! Biff! Zot! Look out, evil doers!

Dress (Talbots, thrifted), shoes (Naturalizer), belt (Dorothy Perkins), earrings (Plum), bracelets (solid, Oscar & Libby, leafy, the Bay).


  1. Love the belt. it works really well with the silhouette here.

    I'm a kindof fond of remakes lately. I like the updated look. There's always going to be the classics, and I think we'll always look fondly on them. But I like seeing new spins on old favorites.

    Hey, it could be worse! At least she has pants this time.

  2. Thanks for the great links! I'll always love the classic WW, but I have to say I don't hate her updates.

    I think it appropriate, however, that you keep your bracelets close to you. And that you continue this week's excellent colour extravaganza!

  3. Love the dress ... but the belt left my heart racing ;-) Lovely outfit

  4. Great belt -- I got to try on one of the original Alaia corset belts the other day. I barely got it buckled but it still looked pretty cool! Didn't take a picture though :-(

  5. That belt is STELLAR.

    And I know WW looks incredibly different, but I'm loving her new getup. It just makes more sense.

  6. Love this whole outfit! I love the summer colors in the dress, the mixed metals, and that belt is just awesome! I love wide belts.

  7. Ka-POW!
    I don't like the revamp. It lost the human part, its like any other thing they have now....
    However KA-POW! I love that KA-POW! dress.
    The colors and the fit are amazing.

  8. I love all the stuff! all of it. Great look as always :)

  9. Yes, yes, keep the color extravaganza going.
    As for WW, I was always jealous of her legs. And her bracelets. and her jet. Gosh, does her jet get updated too?
    The belt is fantastic. Making you sit up straight is an added bonus.

  10. Thanks, Megan! I usually favour remakes or re-boots too, but I guess it's the nostalgia getting to me here. Yes, pants are good!

    A-Dubs, you're welcome! Yes, one must always be prepared for evil doers.

    Thanks, Wendy - I know, I love bigass belts.

    Wendy B, oh so sweet - where was your camera, woman??

    Thanks, Sal! It does make more sense, though. Who wants to wear giant granny panties?

    ShyGirl, thanks!

    Lorena, ka-pow! Ha! I know, it just doesn't seem like WW.

    Thanks, K!

    Style, yes, ma'am! I liked everything about her (especially spinning into her costume...I used to do that until I got dizzy). Thanks!


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