Monday, July 5, 2010

The Forgotten Day, and a Waitress

I hit my favourite consignment stores yesterday. I found a bunch of nice things, including this lovely pale yellow dress:
Ruth said I looked like a waitress in this. I guess it does look a little like, "Fill up yer coffee, hon?" Ha! I love the nice cotton of this dress. It's by Grace & Cello, a Montreal designer who does ethical, sustainable fashion - the dress is organic cotton. Considering that I only paid $24 for it, and got it consignment, I think I am doing my part by not buying it new, hee hee. Go green!

Anyway, I knew the dress was short, and that a belt would haul it up that smidge higher, so I am really glad I decided to put my half-slip in my bag last night when I packed. Yikes, it was short! I had to roll the waistband of the slip too, although I don't mind the bit of lace peeking out from the hem.

I'm doing the la-di-dah-I got my hair cut pose. She cut a lot off, but I'm cool with it. We're supposed to have a heat wave this week (this morning it was freakin' 13 degrees out [low 50s]! In July!), so short hair will be cooler. I will definitely be happy if it goes up to 30 like it's supposed to.

A close-up of the coif:
It's a bit messy as L picked me up in the Miata with the top down, but whatever. Don't you just love the little bows on the sleeves of the dress?

The stuff:
The shoes and belt are the same in this outfit here, when I worked it with my turquoise 50s dress (which I think I either consigned or it's in the giveaway pile, I can't remember). I like the colour combo of this pinky red, turquoise and pale yellow.

A close-up of the goods:
The turquoise ring is new ($14 on sale at Plum) - real turquoise. I put the outfit together from holding it up against all the new stuff I bought, then pulled things to go with it (the belt tied it all together).

Dress (Grace & Cello, consignment), slip (thrifted), belt (consignment), shoes (Fluevog), earrings and ring (Plum), necklace charms (some old key, S from Mom and Dad years ago).

When I went to upload my pictures, I found another outfit from the weekend!
This is what I wore to Weight Watchers on Saturday morning. I take the bus out to the meeting, then I go play Ultimate for 2 hours.

I have decided to try to carry on my personal style in more aspects of my life (i.e. not going to WW in my workout clothes), so I am wearing stuff that I can quickly zip out of in public and change into my shorts, t-shirt and cleats. I slip the shorts on under the skirt, and I have my full-cover sports bra underneath, so it's no biggie to change tops (I play Ulty with a bunch of friends - they're not bothered by my cast-iron bra, haha).

I can change back into this when the game is over, and then I look nice for lunch as well. I just can't subject the staff at the diner to my ass-tastic workout clothes anymore!

I also found this picture:
Aw! Captain Purrypants.

T-shirt (Upper Playground), cami (Mexx), skirt (Banana Republic, consignment), shoes (Rinaldi).


  1. You did wear pale yellow! I like it on you... you've got the red in the hair that I lack that makes me feel jaundice whenever I wear it! I was going through thrift stores this weekend looking for a similar dress - preferably in green or blue. Lucky you! I did manage to grab a few other "staples" that I'd been missing, so I won't be too jealous!

  2. Cute hair! The windblown look creates a pretty texture to your hair. The shirt dress is really cute too!

    Omggooodness cat-loafing! ♥

  3. That IS a great dress - and thanks for the link to Grace & Cello! Maybe the yellow dress needs a sleek microfibre tank dress/slip underneath so there's no need for rolling the half slip. That sounds uncomfortable!

    Also, you have a serious shoe-styling superpower.

  4. That is a beautiful yellow frock - the sleeve detail is especially special :-)

  5. That yellow dress is so pretty, you do not look like a waitress.
    However, you could dress it up to look like a waitress dress if you wanted.... wear with flats, remove belts and wear a name tag.

  6. What a great find on the green fashion - and it's even greener since you bought it consignment and not new!

  7. I love the slip peeking out. I'm totally going to copy that now!

  8. Love the new 'do!

    I really like that shade of yellow on you - yellow's a hard colour for me to wear, but it looks just wonderful on you.

  9. Great solution on your WW to Ultimate Saturdays!! you know i'm all about finding a way to express your personal style in all areas of your life, & i think this outfit really shows what is possible when you decide to go that route. it's flattering, cute, totally YOU and completely practical for your day.

    i'm so excited! excuse me while i go breathe in a paper bag for a minute.....steph

  10. You inspired me, Steph! I realized that I wasn't doing myself justice by not putting my best foot forward in all aspects of my life. Thank you!

  11. Love the hair! And that shade of yellow is purrrrfect! (That's a kitty shout out... so cute!)


  12. Oh, Flo! Kiss my grits! :)

    Seriously, you don't look like a waitress at all. It's very cute.

  13. hey hey hey! In my defense, i said that dress looked almost identical to when I was waitressing .... i made a LOT of tips so it can't be all that bad ... ;)

  14. Oh, well, that makes it all better. :) Ha!


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