Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Green and Zebra

Woo! It's finally hot and summery! In preparations for this nice weather, I went with simple, loose pieces:
Inigo totally blocked the shoes.

I got the top for $16 - it's brand new (still had the tags on), and is silk, but it's washable. I checked before buying since I hate to pay drycleaning on a blouse that I'm going to get pit stains on every time I wear it.

The shape of the top was a stretch for me, since I usually go for very tailored cuts vs. this, which is elastic at the bottom. I don't mind the cowl neck either, even though they usually make me look uber-booby.

The skirt is also new! It was $35 on sale at Plum. I almost snagged a sheath dress in this fabric (a nice cotton/Lycra blend) but another woman grabbed it mere seconds before me! I was tempted to say that it looked bad on her, but it didn't. At least it went to a good home - and maybe I'll find it in a consignment shop in a year when she's tired of it (or only wears it once).

Okay, a shot of the shoes, sans Inigo:
My Manolos! I regretted wearing these, though, since my feet were still a bit stressed from the purple shoes yesterday. These are easily my highest heels. I'll wear lower heels tomorrow, feet, I promise!

The stuff:
Oh sweet Manolos, how lovely you are. I liked all the textures of the cream and brown (the skirt background is white but close enough).

I also got these new earrings at Plum:
I love swirly patterns and leaves.

Blouse (Jacob, consignment), skirt (Plum), shoes (Manolo Blahnik), cuff (Club Monaco), earrings (Plum).


  1. Those heels are insane! I love the zebra print with the flowy top. I'm loving you hair too.

  2. You should never regret wearing Manolos! Then again, I am the girl who wore heels today with 3 sprained toes... and spent a good hour walking in them too! Maybe I should take your advice... then maybe I wouldn't be soaking my feet right now, hoping tomorrow they'll be kind to me!

  3. I think you need my last pair of zebra pattern stud earrings!

  4. That skirt is really run, I love a little animal print!

  5. So, so beautiful. I really adore those shoes but encourage you to treat those feet with great tenderness and loving care when you get home :)

  6. Oh how I wish ,I was still able to wear high heels ,but I think even those ones would be beyond me ,Im sure our high heels were never that high ,you do however wear them well Jan xx

  7. Ok, tell me the truth, how much does Inigo weigh ?
    I adore this look and want your skirt.
    Give it to me now.
    You reminded me of something I did once in a store.
    It was a pant and top set. There were many colors but, I wanted THE COLOR this lady had on her hand and it was the last one.
    SOOO, I began saying out loud ( i was with my husband) that the one I had in my hand was perfect.
    That it was easy to match, summery and blah, blah, blah. She left the one SHE HAD and took one in the exact same color as I had. HA! as soon as she turned around I took the one she had left and ran for the cashier.

  8. I love the green and zebra! So cute! And I looove those leaf earrings!

  9. Hey I have the exact same earrings!! They are my new faves, bought the last time I got my hair cut and the super-shortness screamed out for big earrings, so I immediately went into a store and bought these. I get lots of compliments on them.

    Love the green on you! And ouch those shoes look painfully gorgeous.

  10. I love love love that shade of green!It looks awesome on you!

    great earrings too! :)

  11. that intense green against the stark zebra black and white is stunning. yum! really refreshing in summer, too.

    and Lorena, some of us have cats with 'big frames', they're just 'built' larger...... ; )

  12. Megan, thanks! I'm still getting used to the new haircut.

    Cara, no, but I shouldn't have worn them right after another pair of killer heels. Oh, you poor thing! Take care of your tootsies!

    Wendy, you are such a pimp. :-P I mean "business woman".

    Thanks, Iris!

    Thank you, Rebecca! Oh, believe me, I did! Massages and nice lotions were in store.

    Jan, I don't think heels were ever this high - even in the 80s when I started wearing heels, 3" was the limit. Thank you!

    Lorena, I think he weighs about 15 lbs. Ha, you are so demanding! If I get tired of this skirt, you can have it...along with my paisley gypsy top...oh what else...? You just want to raid my wardrobe!

    You made me totally laugh at your story! So sneaky!!

    Thanks, ShyGirl!

    Sherylyn, well, you obviously have awesome taste! Short hair demands bigass earrings, doesn't it? Thanks, sweetie!

    Thanks, Andie! I do love an emerald green.

    Steph, thanks so much - the zebra is actually brown and white, which I like better than black, 'cause it's not so stark. Ha, yes, Inigo is just "big-boned."

  13. I looove that green on you. And those shoes! Oh the shoes. I am so jealous right now.

  14. Hillary, of course! L and I watched "The Princess Bride" the night before we got him as a kitten - and he was so fearless and bold, it was the perfect name for him. :)

    "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!"

  15. Ooooh, pretty green top. Had to find silky ones that you can wash!


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