Wednesday, July 28, 2010

All Neutrals Wednesday

Some days I just don't feel like wearing colours (not very many days, mind you, but it does happen). I planned the rest of my outfits for the week last night, and I thought this one just seemed "Wednesday":
I've only worn this dress once (here) since I got it. I knew it would be a great summer dress (even though it's wool) because it's so nice and loose.
I was actually going to wear my other snakeskin print shoes but they were more of a brown base and these ones are more of a grey base and looked better.

I read on You Look Fab that pearls will be big for fall - well, I've been doing pearls for decades!

The stuff:
I was shocked when I did a search and saw that I hadn't worn this necklace since April 2009!

A close-up:
The bracelet is links of oak leaves - it was $12 in a thrift store about a year ago.

Dress (Gap, consignment), necklace (Aldo Accessories), bracelet (thrifted), shoes (Aerosoles).


  1. Sheila,
    The minimalist in me is crying right now. You are perfect!

  2. Pearls are great! I love the streamlined neutral look. And light colored, thin wool can be great for summer. Natural fabrics breath better than say a polyester.

  3. Right there with you on the pearls. Isn't it fun when something you always do suddenly becomes "the thing"?

  4. Love this combo, that dress + wedges + pearls = perfection

  5. Love this dress. The ruffle is so cute.

  6. Yummy dress. I love the collar and sleeves. It makes you look chic and sophisticated.

  7. Gray, as far as I'm concerned, is the pinnacle of elegance. And you are making me believe. Even more.

    Also, want. those. shoes.

  8. Thanks, Beverly! I never want to be stuck in a rut, so I like to shake it up.

    Thanks, Wendy - and they are so comfy!

    Megan (Mae? that's new), thanks, and I totally agree!

    Sal, I know, it makes me feel so cutting edge.

    Thanks so much, Erin!

    Thanks, Beth.

    Thank you, Shybiker!

  9. Thanks, A-Dubs! I'm actually not a huge fan of grey (it washes me out). Aerosoles, baby. On sale at Winners a few months ago.

  10. Ooooh, love that necklace. I have several different pearl ones, but nothing like that. Want!

  11. Thanks, Kristen - I loved it when I saw it.

  12. i looove this dress!!!
    - daisy


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