Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maybe My Favourite Outfit?

Mom and I went for lunch today, plus I thought I was going for drinks after work (didn't happen), so I took the bus to give my feet (and knees) a rest. They feel much better!

Anyway, I spent a little time last night actually trying on today's outfit and deciding how to throw it all together, and I feel it paid off: This is the dress I wore last month here. Once again, it was deliciously floaty and cool, considering it was so hot today!

I found this amazing vintage slip in my favourite consignment shop last weekend, and knew it would look fabulous under the sheer dress. The flounded hem of the skirt needed to be shown off properly so I thought of pinning up a bit of the dress on the side with a brooch. I felt so clever.

I don't usually show my underthings, but this slip fits so perfectly (and covers everything). Check it out:

Isn't that beautiful in the waist? It was priced at $39 but it had a couple of wee holes in it, so Annie gave it to me for $24. The label says "Suzette Lingerie" - the only Suzette Lingerie I could find online was a costume place in Yonkers, NY.That looks like a vintage label to me, though, plus it has a metal zipper on the side. Definitely not new.

Now, normally, I would chuck on the red belt and that's that, but I didn't like the way it looked with the silver modern buckle at the waist with the rhinestone pin so close. I did like how the brown belt blended in with the dress, while still giving it waist definition, and also had rhinestones. So I moved the buckle off to the side to draw the eye to the pin on the skirt.

Then I felt really clever. I still wanted a bit more red with the outfit, so I wrapped the red belt around my wrist and made it into a cuff:
Then I put on my new shoes - Fergalicious by Fergie (ha!) - that I got last week for $45 on sale at the Bay (score).

I wasn't sure about them when I saw them, but Ruth convinced me. The style is a little "out there", but they are growing on me. I figured the best way to get used to them was not to have them as the main focus in the outfit. Next time!

The stuff:
Oh, sweet pythony goodness! These were super comfortable all day.

A close-up of the other bits:
The big belt buckle on the brown belt, the red belt/cuff, the pin (I pinned it on the diagonal on the skirt to give it a nice gather), and my mom's rhinestone clip-on earrings (liberated from her jewelry box in the 80s).

Dress (no label, consignment), slip (Suzette Lingerie, vintage, consignment), shoes (Fergalicious), belts (both Plum), pin (The Bay), earrings (Mom's, vintage 70s).


  1. Sheila,

    I think this may be my favorite outfit of yours too! More than beautiful!! It was so great that you figured out how to pin it so we can see your sweet slipdress underneath, I love it.

  2. There is so much fabulousity going on in this outfit! The shoes are amazing. The slip is so pretty~ And great use of accessories to make a fabulous impact.

  3. I don't think the shoe style is out there -- they're quite elegant!

  4. *LOVE* the idea of pinning up the skirt of the dress!
    ::steals idea and files away::

  5. That belt trick is brilliant. BRILLIANT, I say!

  6. Very clever gal you are (belt as cuff, pinning the dress). I love those shoes! Terrific outfit!

  7. I love the slip and how you wore it - poufy slips and crinolines peeking out of skirts is one of my most favorite looks!

  8. Dang, Woman - hot Diggity!!! i especially love the color/texture combos you put together here-brilliant on their own, they really come alive on you.

    this one's going in my 'To Copy' folder, fer shure......Happy Friday Everybody!! steph

  9. Amazing slip! And pinning the dress to show it off was an inspired idea. Great work.

  10. Thanks so much, Lesa!

    Megan, thanks!

    Wendy, well, I trust you to know - thanks!

    Thanks, Sam! Please, steal this idea. :)

    Sal, thanks!

    Thanks, LaShaune!

    Kelly, thanks very much.

    Steph, ha, please copy!

    Shybiker, thank you for commenting!

  11. Hi Sheila,
    just found you via Already Pretty, and whoa, I'm so happy to find someone else who wears old things, loves to tinker with skirts, uses muted shades and puts accessories all over the place. TOTALLY my kind of fashion! you've just got another follower.

  12. What a lovely outfit! And I love the way you've pulled it all together - the belt as a bracelet is inspired! Did you actually manage to work with it though, or was it a bit cumbersome?

  13. Hi, lyrebird, and welcome! So glad to have you here and thank you so much for the comments! I do love bright colours, so be warned!

    Thanks so much, Tat! The belt as bracelet was fine - no more cumbersome than a large cuff (and it didn't fall off, which was nice, as my cuffs are often too big). I did play with it all day, but other than that, it was fine. I can't wait to try this out on another belt!

  14. Thos shoes are ridiculously amazing!!!! Love them. Want them. Need to have them.

  15. Oh believe me, I noticed the shoes! Gorgeous dress and slip too.

  16. GOOOOOODNESS, my full attention zeroed in on those fabulous shoes. Then I caught the belt trick and found a whole new illustration for "wristlet." Love things that wrap and wrap again. You little fashion genius.

  17. Thanks so much, Jean! Glad you liked the trick - feel free to try it!

  18. I really don't know where to beign raving, b/c I love it all!

    The color combo - fab!
    belt as bracelet - genius!
    brooch on middle of skirt - sassy & fun!
    shoes - WANT!
    slip - so pretty it could be worn as a dress!

  19. Thanks, Tina! I know - I might be bad and do the slip as a dress some time. Hee!

  20. i loved this outfit too! and not just cause of the over-the-top sexy shoes lol ... :)

  21. Thanks, Ruth! I'm so glad I got those. You're such a good shopping influence, hee.

  22. I love your tweeking with the two belts. Love this outfit with the red lingerie peeping from under the dress. Big A+.

    1. Thanks, Greetje! I noticed that the only things I still have in this outfit are the earrings, the brooch and the slip. Thanks so much! It still gets a "favourite" vote from me too. :)


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