Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Outfits - Sydney's Birthday - and a Book Blurb

Happy weekend!

We start with what I wore to Weight Watchers:
Aside from "must look nice", my sole criteria for WW is that my clothes have to be light so that I don't add any clothing poundage to my weigh-in. No jeans! I also wore this out for lunch and walking around town a bit, doing some chores.

Dress (BCBG Max Azria, gift from Ruth), cami (Plum), obi (Smoking Lily, consignment), shoes (Tsubos), Audrey Hepburn Scrabble charm (holiday purchase), pearl studs (Aldo Accessories).

I swapped out the dress and shoes (and added a slip after last year's mishap in this dress!) for my niece Sydney's 1st birthday party:
This was perfect for sitting out in the sun!

I also wore my straw hat (with the front of the brim flipped up oh so stylishly), and carried my yellow bag:
My shoes have to be completely inappropriate for a 1-year-old's party, duh. My nieces Zoe and Hannah would expect no less!

A close-up of some of the accessories:
My feather, key and "S" charms, my turquoise ring and my snake ring.

Dress (Hale Bob), cami (Plum), slip (thrifted), shoes (Le Chateau), assorted charms (here and there, the "S" was from Mom and Dad back in the early 90s), turquoise ring (Plum), snake ring (80s).

L and I drove home via the scenic route as opposed to the highway:
Good choice! We had the top down on the Miata....
Pines, firs and cedars and blue sky! it.


I finished a book last week (I save the blurbs for the weekends) - it was "Life After God" by Douglas Coupland.
Stats: 361 pages of little bits of writing and the author's line drawings. Started July 6th, finished July 12th.

Blurb: I picked up a few more Douglas Coupland novels after reading "Girlfriend in a Coma" and liking it. This one was all right - I don't think I'm going to keep it. It didn't have a strong narrative, more like little snapshots of disaffection set in Vancouver in the early 90s. I blasted through this quickly. I think I have one or two more Couplands, but I'll wait a while and read other stuff in between.


  1. Love that floral dress. You look so pretty!

  2. Love your criteria for picking out Weight Watchers ensemble. Too funny! Love both dresses- I am a sucker for casual black dresses

  3. Both fabulous outfits. I like how you solved the sheer issue with the second one. It's so light and breezy!

  4. hhhmmm- i likey that belt/sash with the black dress-laughing at the reason for choosing this dress and totally understanding why-every ounce counts!!

    glad to read that I am not the only one who saved jewelry from my younger years and I also took cast offs from my aunt -she is ten years older and rocked the 70's-cool hoops, turq and a few polyester zipper dress numbers that are so fun with their colors and patterns.

  5. The first outfit is really cute. I love the belt.

    You brought back a memory for me: I used to wrestle years ago and we had weigh-ins so, like you at WW, we wore the lightest clothes possible.

  6. Love the way you've belted the dress you wore to WW - really adds interest to a simple dress.

  7. Wow Sheila, love both looks. I think those shoes are very appropriate for a one year old birthday. I'm sure Sydney approved.

    Day 3 of pee-push-ups!

  8. Thanks so much, Iris!

    Beth, thanks! I've got to be practical! I own a ton of black dresses and hardly ever wear them.

    Megan, thanks! No more granny panties, hee!

    Alecia, thank you - hey, every bit of weight counts, right? Oh gosh, I have tons of jewelry from my teen years, and also from my mom, and my grandmothers. I love that old stuff.

    Thanks, shybiker! Ha, good memory.

    Cat, thanks!

    Thank you, Sal!

    SU, thanks! My other nieces liked the shoes - Sydney was more interested in my rings. Woo! You go, girl!

  9. I really love that pink and green obi with the first dress. The colors are so fresh together.

    Have you read Douglas Coupland's Microserfs? That is the one that lured me in.

  10. Thanks, Kristen! I've worn it tons of times. No, not yet. I don't think I have that one.


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