Friday, July 23, 2010

Casual Friday: The Circle of Blogging

As I said yesterday, I had a bit of Major Excitement: a package in the mail! It contained this lovely skirt that I'd admired on Kasmira's blog. Inigo immediately sat on it:
Kasmira was the first fashion blogger I ever read, and here I am getting a skirt from her - and a lovely card too, thank you so much! I really appreciate it and will make every effort to do your skirt justice. I hope I succeeded today:
I've been looking for an outfit to wear with this navy sheer net flounced underskirt - I got it a couple of weeks ago at Dots for $19.99. I didn't want to go too girly, so I picked a graphic tee to go with it. And since it was Casual Friday, I did the denim vest.

Back in October, I was out thrift shopping after lunch on a Saturday - I was in my Ultimate gear, no make-up, unwashed hair under a ball cap - and I was recognized by reader Jennifer, who happens to live in my city...who found my blog through Kasmira!

And guess who saw me again at the waterfront pub yesterday? Ha! It all comes back again - I'm so glad I was dressed nicer, hah! I wish you'd said hi, Jennifer! Next time!
I really love the deep red colour of this skirt and the lace trim and V insets. However, the lining is cotton (arg! why do they do that?) and it crept up a bit when I had my bag on my hip today. I'll have to make sure I wear a slip with it in winter to ward off the dreaded Tight Creep.

The stuff:
Every time my boss calls me (he works at one of our US offices), he demands to know what shoes I'm wearing. He was disappointed that I was wearing flats today.

A close-up of the bling:
I wore the snake pin on the side of my vest, just above where the skirt ties at the waist. I've had the rings and pin for over 20 years: I bought the snake ring for myself in 1985 for $35 (a lot back then!) when I volunteered at the local museum gift shop; Mom and Dad gave me the spider ring for Christmas sometime in the late 80s; and they gave me the snake pin for Christmas in 1984 or 85. It used to have a red crystal drop hanging from the head - I cut it off immediately.

I totally forgot I was wearing my chainmail necklace when I took those pictures - it warms to your body temperature:
I bought that for $14 in an online charity auction - it was handmade by one of the employees in my company.

Vest (Bisou Bisou, consignment), t-shirt (Plum, gift from L), skirt (Eddie Rodriguez, swap from Kasmira), shoes (Franco Sarto, consignment), necklace (handmade), snake ring (vintage 80s, gift shop), spider ring (vintage 80s, gift from Mom & Dad), earrings (don't remember).


  1. I love the flats so very much!! They are super cute. :0)

  2. What a great skirt, and I love how you've styled it for casual Friday. Also, you make brooches new, again!

  3. What a beautiful shade of red, it is beautiful and I loved the way you put it together.

  4. Cute skirt! I love how it's kind of a punky look with the right amount of feminine.

    The jewelry is freaking amazing. You always have the most unique pieces.

  5. I guess that means the kitteh approves of it?

  6. I am in accessory envy. And shoe envy. It never stops with you, does it?

    Thank you for your kind words.

  7. I adore that skirt. So cute. Great jewelry too.

  8. WOW ! I can only imagine the excitement. YOU and Kasmira were one of the first blogs I visited.
    Ha! for a moment I did not think you were wearing THE skirt and the black Dots one underneath it changed it completely! Well done!

  9. Awww, pretty skirt! Isn't it cool, making friends through blogging? It never ceases to amaze me how much you all become a part of my thinking and my days. How wonderful that you and Kasmira have connected!

  10. Thanks, Bianca!

    A-Dubs, too kind, as always. Thank you!

    Lesa, thanks!

    Megan, that's what I was aiming for, thanks!

    Wendy, you guess correctly!

    SU, thanks - and you're welcome.

    Sara, thank you! Thanks very much for commenting - I appreciate it.

    Lorena, yes, exactly! Thank you so much.

    Thanks, Kristen - yes, it's so amazing!

  11. The skirt is fabulous, and how fun to do a swap with Kasmira!

  12. Hurrah! I'm glad you got to wear the skirt. It looks adorable all styled up with the tutu.

  13. Kasmira, I'm glad you like it - it's a great skirt. Thank you again. :)


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