Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cheating in Leopard

For the very first time since I started this blog, I'm posting the pictures of me in the clothes BEFORE I wore them: L needed the camera today and wasn't sure if I'd be able to do my pictures when I got home. So, I played with the outfit last night and took the pictures then. This is exactly what I wore today:
Right down to which finger I wore the ring on!

I love the bright blue with the leopard, don't you? I used to think this skirt was too dressy for work, but I've worn it about 3 or 4 times. How adventurous I've become!

I like how this cardigan shows off my toned shoulders and arms. I have been doing my pee pushups* since last fall and it's paid off!
Woo! Check out the pipes!

The stuff:
My awesome blue suede shoes and my usual rocker accoutrements. I doubled the single strand neckace around my neck (the top one), and the other one has two three built-in tiers.

A close-up:
My groovy zipper rose from the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, and the fab "black hole" ring.

Cardigan (Jessica, consignment), top (Ellen Tracy, gift from Caro), skirt (Le Chateau, consignment), shoes (Feet First), belt (Jacob), multi-necklace (Plum), single necklace (Jacob), ring (Le Chateau), brooch (Victoria & Albert Museum).

*WTF? "Pee push-ups"? Yes!

I started these when I noticed that my buh-byes were getting flabby, and that I had the arms of a T-Rex (no upper body strength). Push-ups are the king of the upper body strengthening exercises and are great for your core too...but who who really does them anyway? Not me. Lots of good intentions, but not much doing.

Then it occured to me (because I am supremely lazy...I mean, "efficient"), why not try to figure out a way to do an easy push-up, and work it into my day, AND also have it not feel like I'm working out? That would be great!

So what I started doing is, every time I go to the bathroom, I do 10 push-ups off the counter before I wash my hands. Place hands shoulder width apart on the edge of the counter and aim your boobs at that edge (don't touch it with them, but get as close as you can). Keep your butt in tight, keep your head in alignment with your spine, and hold your core so that your back is nice and straight (this gets easier as you get stronger). You can do this off your kitchen counter or a stable low bookcase, or the back of a park bench.

I mostly do them at work (in my heels and fancy-schmancy clothes), and because I drink so much water, I do about 60 push-ups a day! And it only takes about 15 seconds each time. Sometimes I get strange looks, but I don't really care, and I explain if anyone asks (and then I flash some biceps and they're impressed).

I was really stiff across the front of my chest after the first day, but after a week or so, I really started to notice it. No need to do more than 10 (don't overdo it), just remember to do them. I've noticed that my posture is way better, my shoulders, biceps and triceps and the front of my chest are stronger, and that when I sit, I hold my shoulders and back in better alignment.

Give it a shot! Try it for a week and see how you do!


  1. laughing hard about the pee push ups and your explanation of them and taking notes on the outfit-likin' the zipper rose lots with the double strand necklace.

    btw-i do my push ups regularly for both my arms and my chest- gotta fight gravity at this age!!! I did not realize until recently that you and I are in the 40 plus and fab group- also lost quite a bit of weight and loving it.

  2. I love the blue with the leopard! Great combo! I tried to do the pee push-ups, but I keep forgetting to do them. I think I'm going to put a note on my mirror at home to remind me.

  3. Great outfit! I like how you've become more courageous and take more risks. These pieces work together. And thanks for the information about your exercising. I do normal pushups every other day and they really help keep one's upper-body toned.

  4. Ok, so I was going to comment on how awesome your outfit is and how I love the color combination, etc. but then I read about the pee push ups and it just sent me over the edge. O. M. Crazy. I am now a fan.

  5. I had been doing my pee pushups... and teeth brushing squats until a couple weeks ago. I took a few days off of work, and got out of the habit.
    I always have the best of intentions to take my pictures in the morning before work, which would also help force me to clean up my "dressing room" where I now take my pictures rather than leaving make up all over the floor all day. Of course, the snooze button takes over!

  6. Yes, you are more daring now Sheila! I love the animal print with the blue. And those pipes? I wouldn't mess with you...

  7. Love love love the outfit ... and am going to try the pushups myself in fugure. I do a couple in the shower - just light ones, but I seriously need to up my game. Have a fantastic Friday (yes, it's 08:21 in Africa)

  8. I love your rose zipper brooch!

    I am still laughing at pee pushups

  9. Totally going to start doing pee pushups!

  10. Wow. I think I'd get laughed out of the bathroom if I did that routine, but it might be worth it. Just look at those pythons!

  11. LOL. Love this outfit. The blue and the print as so unexpected

  12. Thanks for the note on the push-ups. Will start those on Monday b/c I skip them during my regular workouts.

  13. Earlier this week I was telling my husband about your pee push-ups. On Tosh.0 on the Comedy Central channel he had a skit called "Piss-Ups". It was the same thing you do!! Okay not exactly the same, he said right outside the bathroom you were supposed to do push-ups but it sooo reminded me of you. I think my guy thought I was crazy when I was like "OMG! One of the fashion bloggers I read does this!!!"

    Here's the link if you want to check it out:

    Oh! and I love the blue and leopard.... so unexpected, but just as eye catching as red and leopard.

  14. Ooooh I also love the blue and leopard together, LOVE it. And that cardigan does look smashing on you.

    Sadly, I have not been keeping up with my pee pushups. Must get back on the horse. Machines at the gym are fine, but nothing beats pee pushups!

  15. Excellent outfit and some sound workout advice (ha!).

    Also, check out my guest post at Shoe-A-Day's "Friday Top 10 Links"; you're top of the list!

  16. I adore this combination of textures and print against the blue. Such a wonderful contrast! And thank you for the push-up tips - what a great way to work out throughout the day!

  17. You look spectacular !
    That is a good way to introduce push ups into your routine .. i will give it a try...

  18. What can I say...leopard looks great with everything!

  19. Thanks, Alecia! Good for you for doing push-ups regularly - they're hard!

    Alison, thanks! Aw, get on those, girl! ;)

    shybiker, thank you - it's a continual learning process. Push-ups rule!

    SU, thanks so much - likewise!

    Cara, oh, good for you! I can't do my pics most mornings because of my walk to work.

    Jen, thanks! Ha, look out!

    Thanks, Wendy - give them a shot!

    Thank you, Iris, happy to amuse. ;)

    Go for it, Anonymous.

    Sal, but once you explain...I have other women at work doing them now!

    Thanks, Beth!

    You're welcome, LaShaune! You can do them!

    KayeStar, thanks for reading, and for commenting. How funny is that?? Awesome link. Thank you!

    Sherylyn, thanks, hon! Aw, you can do it - get back on that horse!

    A-Dubs, thanks so much. And wow, that's so generous of you - thank you!!

    orchis, thank you so much - and thank you for commenting, I do appreciate it. :)

    Lorena, thanks - just try it for a week!

    Wendy, it sure does.

    Hillary, ha! Thank you!

  20. Good Lord - when i read 'pee push ups' i immediately envisioned some species of acrobatic hovering above the throne......that's just too much! and a great fitness idea, besides!

    this week you've come up with the most gorgeous texture-pattern-color combinations. truly stunning. especially nice for me, since i am pretty sure i can crib most of them to wear as accessories groupings on a more neutral base myself....i'm indebted! hope you are feelin' less pooped and having fun at the b-day party!!

  21. Ha, Steph, no, not that ambitious! Thank you so much for your kind words - oh, the pressure. ;)

  22. The problem is our bathroom at work is just a sink with no counter. I am having all these visions of me pulling it off the wall if I lean on it too hard. LOL!

    Hmm, I really like the blue and I like the leopard, but I am not sure if the two colors work together. I think it's the brighter saturation of the blue next to the more muted matte of the leopard? It's not bad at all, just don't know if I would mix those myself.

  23. Oh dear, that won't work for you - what about off your desk? I do that sometimes. It's harder because my desk is lower.

    Fair enough - I consider leopard a neutral, so it goes with anything. I also like blue and brown together.

  24. Uh-Maze-ing!!!!

    I do counter push-ups in the bathroom and now I know what to call them. Thanks, Sheila. As always, you rock!

  25. Go, Tina! Spread the word, darlin'! Thanks so much. :)


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