Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Kasmira's Olive Skirt

This was one of those frustrating days when none of my pictures quite came out how I wanted them to. I use the timer on my camera (it sits on our desk) and then hustle over to pose. The darned pictures all look like I've been sucking on sour lemons (not true!).

Anyway, I picked up an olive skirt over the weekend. I think secretly I've been pining for one like Kasmira's (shown in multiple incarnations here).

I found my skirt at my favourite consignment store, marked down to $8:
It was $24, marked down to $20, marked down to $12, and I've seen it there a gazillion times, and never tried it on. It's Club Monaco, for goodness sake, I love their stuff. It's a fine wool blend with a bit of stretch, so not too hot for summer.

I had originally planned to do a little flouncy thing at the bottom (a dark inigo thin crinoline that I got last Friday), but when I put the outfit on in the bathroom at work this morning, the skirt was actually too long for it. Ah well, that's what I get for not trying outfits on!

This skirt has a super low waistband - it sits just at my hip-bone:
Oh, and there you can see the front kick-pleat better - there's one in the back as well, so it has lovely motion when I walk.

I was pleased with how the untucked top looked with the low waist. Had to do a cami, of course, a nice long one.

The stuff:
I was really grooving on how the pinky red and the purple went with the olive today. Those shoes are lovely, but after a day they feel good to take off!

A close-up of the jewelry:

Blouse (Nolita, thrifted), cami (Jacob, gift from Ruth), skirt (Club Monaco, consignment), shoe (Friis and Company, gift from L), jewelry (Myka, gift from L).


  1. Sheilaa that is a perfect skirt, fits great and those colors you used to brighten it up are fab!

  2. Great price for the skirt! It has a great fit~

    I love your purple shoes~ and the color combination.

  3. Purple and green! You need my Marie Antoinette ring to go with it.

  4. Today we could have matched!! My post will be up soon... running a little late today! You definitely out-classed me though!

  5. Hot shoes! And I love kick-pleats -- they are weirdly pleasurable, aren't they?

    Those Dries Van Notens aren't really hard to walk in, but they do kill the foot after a couple of hours-- the footbones are not made to bend that way, I fear. I save them for special occasions. :)

  6. Oh, I do love your olive skirt! Sometimes I wish mine were low-waisted so I could breathe a little better. ;)

    P.S. I'm sorry I keep forgetting about the skirt. I will send it tomorrow! Don't think I'm all talk.

  7. What a wonderfully fitting skirt! And I *love* those purple shoes - they're amazing!

    I know what you mean about photos - you look perfectly fine to me, but I think we're all our own worst critics when it comes to photos.

    FWIW, I put the camera on a shelf and then run halfway up the stairs. I can't tell you how many times I did that this morning before finally conceeding defeat and going for the not-entirely-flattering-but-least-worst option. I guess at least it's exercise?

  8. great fit on the skirt- so nice to have both kick pleats front and back- you will look good coming and going!!!! that purple and olive play nicely together as well- I like your style- somewhat classic with a funky take.

  9. Pretty! I love olive green bottoms; they go with so many interesting colors.

  10. Thanks, Lorena!

    Megan, I know, score! Thank you!

    Wendy, I know - I need your whole collection. My birthday's in October. :)

    Cara, I know! Aw, don't diss yourself, hon - you looked great!

    Julia, me too - there's something about them. Yeah, I hear ya on the footbones - my dogs are howlin' today.

    Thanks, Barbara!

    Kasmira, thanks! Oh gosh, don't worry about the skirt - you're busy, so whenever. :) I'm just grateful you're giving it to me!

    Cat, thanks! Ha, I love your photo method - definitely exercise!

    Alecia, thank you so much! I like to look a little odd, haha!

    Thanks, Kristen - would you believe I don't have any other olive bottoms??


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