Monday, November 30, 2009

Grey, Green and a Crow

I planned this week's outfits around a) new stuff that I got while shopping with Cat last Friday and b) the tattoo. I'm limited to a convertible strapless bra for a few days, as a regular bra strap goes over the salamander and I don't want it to rub.

I hid the halter strap with the scarf at the neck in today's outfit.
Hee, Inigo looks startled. This is a grey wool pinstriped strapless bubble dress (whew, that's a lot of adjectives!) under the cardigan, with dark grey patterned tights and my new boots.

Check out the stuff:
The boots were $40! I love the shape and the look. Not quite granny boots, but not quite rocker boots either.

I love the brogue detailing on the toes:
Inigo approves:
Lovey eyes!

I bought a piece of art today:
It's a painting on a reclaimed piece of wood, done by local artists. I've been admiring it for months in a shop window on the way to and from work for several months. Today I thought, "If it's in my price range, I'm buying it." It was and I did.

Cardigan (Kersh, consignment), dress (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Le Chateau, consignment), tights (Emilio Cavallini), boots (La Tianna, consignment), ring (Soul Flower).


  1. I hardcore covet those boots. They look very Victorian, so chic. Your tattoo is lovely; I'm always admiring tattoos. Maybe I should get one someday. I've thought about getting a microscope in honor of my husband, or the blueprint of my parents' house. But I'm probably too gutless. Did it hurt much?

    You look great with it, but that goes without saying.


  2. Still absolutely adore you in green, lady!

  3. Cool new boots. I like the nice kelly green of the cardi too. That is a really cool art piece you bought. I still have my first drawing/painting that I did on a piece of wood found in our garage growing up. I love it.

  4. That green is such a lovely color on you! And scrolled down to see your tattoo awesome! It think it turned out great and the meaning behind it is fantastic! I have 2 chinese characters (for spirit and happiness) on my lower back (aka a tramp stamp which I think is a ridiculous name) that I got when I was 19 and still love. I don't have any pics but maybe I'll take some and post them...if I do I'll let ya know!

  5. These are great boots. And I so love your tattoo! I posted about mine on my blog

  6. Boots are great, and you wear green so well.

    But I am mesmerized by the markings on Inigo. He looks like he is wearing a shirt and vest. So cute!

  7. Thanks, Sal! I'm keeping my eye out for more.

    Wendy, when are you not distracted, girl? ;)

    Julia, thanks! I love the look of the boots as well. Thanks for the kind words on my tattoo - it felt like a strong scratch, repeated. It hurts more to have my teeth scaled, honestly. It felt like a bad sunburn for a couple of days - now, it's itchy as the skin flakes off.

    Watergirl, thanks! I love my tattoo (I only wish I could see it more). That is cool - I love seeing Chinese characters as tattoos. Yes, let me know if you post them, I'd love to see!

    Tanya, ooh, coming right over to look! Aw, I love it!

    Thanks, Kristen! I know, doesn't he have the best markings? He's so pretty.


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