Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Mad Plaid or Chocolate Cowgirls

Ding! It's Round 3: Will it be the dress or the boots? The tension is killing me!

It is very windy. Forgive the hair.
Ever since I last wore this ruffly skirt under a dress, I've been wanting to do it again. This is the only other dress I have that opens up down the front. I love this plaid dress and it's been limited to warm weather due to "tight creep" (damn you, unlined dresses!).

No more! I was snuggly warm all day.
These are the boots I last wore walking around Seattle all day. I love the comfort and the shape of them. Helps that they have buckles - I do love buckles.

The stuff:
Finally! A shot of this fab Shi Studios belt that I got a while back. I pulled out the red and turquoise from it (not matching to the dress like I normally would) for the necklace.

A close-up:
It's a vintage photo that's been screened onto fabric then pressed under glass to make the buckle. I love the two men vying for the fair maid's attention.

Your call...
The dress or the boots?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
I like cowboys
Shut up about the push-ups already. free polls
Push-up update:
Aside from the goofy look on my face, my arms look pretty good. I've got some definition in my shoulders and I can see muscle in my chest now. Woo! I'm going to kick butt at the Feats of Strength at Festivus!

Dress (Vero Moda), cami (Plum), skirt (no tag, consignment), boots (Miz Mooz), belt (Shi Studio), necklace (Plum).


  1. You know I love that dress!! The underskirt is so cute too. I want to make a tulle skirt or two. Hopefully I can do that soon. The belt is so cool.

  2. So cute, I love how you layered a dress over a dress!

  3. This is an unusual pairing (ie ruffle skirt and buttoned dress) but I love it! Love the arms worked hard to achieve them so show them off!

  4. That belt buckle is too much! What a hoot.

  5. WOW
    thanks, you remembered to get a better pic of the belt! It looked cool from far away but now I like it even more.... !

  6. Oh, forgot to say... i have envy (the good one!) --- your arms look fab.

  7. Aw what a pretty outfit, love the underskirt! It's very creative.

    Don't get too cocky about feats of strength, I am using your own technique to turn myself into a muscle-bound feats-of-strenth kick-asser, muah hahah! Excuse me, gotta go pee...

  8. I really love the white ruffle skirt poking out!

  9. What a fun outfit! That belt is fantastic.

  10. Thanks, Alison! I'm so happy I found this skirt - I have nothing but admiration for people who can sew. Good for you!

    Thanks, FA - this is a skirt underneath, not another dress.

    Mervat, thank you! Good to see you!

    I knew Cowgirl Sal would love the belt!

    Lorena, thanks! Isn't it a great belt? Heh, try doing pushups off your kitchen counter - it's easy!

    Thanks, Sherylyn! Heh, them's fightin' words, girl! We'll see how it shakes down at Festivus!

    Thanks, K!

    Thanks, Audi - of course you were my inspiration. I love the belt.

  11. Man, I want a frilly skirt!!!!!!!!!! And I think I am required to love cowboys since I live in Texas, but honestly real cowboys are not my thing. Shhh don't tell anyone.

  12. Ha, Tina! I hate the Cowboys team, but I like cowboys in general. :-P


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