Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Passing the Auntie Torch - and Counter Push-ups Update

With all the Olympics hoopla and torch thing going on this past week, it seemed appropriate today that I had lunch with my Aunt Lois. When I was growing up, Lois was the cool aunt who would chase us around the house, or gave me the furry koala bear, or gave me my first diary. I wanted to be like Lois.

And of course, here I am, being the same kind of auntie to my nieces. I like that.

I dressed for lunch out:
This dress was my bargain find of the weekend: $9 for Alfred Sung! I think the sizing is wonky on it, though, since it's labeled a size 10. At first I thought maybe it was from the early 80s (when a size 10 was equivalent to a size 6 in today's sizing), but it's a cotton blended with lycra (which didn't appear in mass-produced garments like this until well into the 90s). Anyway, I really liked the pattern, and having a black background means that I can wear it into the autumn, and not have to save it just for summer weather.

I did kind of wish I'd worn a slip, though, as I had "leg creep" all day.

I am still diligently doing my counter push-ups!
Now that I have a bit of arm strength, I am working on getting my form right. Butt in, back straight, stomach pulled in. I can see a difference in my shoulders and in my posture.

It's really working! My pathetic little T-Rex arms are getting stronger! I told my Weight Watchers group about it on Saturday and many of them thought they could do it too. Tina's been doing them - go, Tina!

Anyway, back to the regular programming - the stuff:
Isn't that an awesome pattern? It reminds me of koi fish.

And I know I only wore these shoes two weeks ago, but they went so well with the dress. At the last minute, I swapped out my regular micro-fishnet nude hosiery for the gold and black tights.

My former co-worker Bonnie bought me these earrings when she was on holiday last month:
I love them. Thank you so much, Bonnie!

Cardigan (Express, consignment), dress (Alfred Sung, thrifted), shoes (Valley Lane, gift from mother-in-law), cuff (The Bay), earrings (gift from Bonnie).


  1. Such a glorious pattern on that dress. And you've gotta love black-based florals for their year-round versatility!

  2. beautiful floral pattern! and the shoes are the perfect color.

  3. I adore the pattern on this dress! It's so awesome!

  4. I love the fabric. Lois is pretty cool. I wish I saw her more.

    Sal, isn't it? I know, I always look for black-based or brown-based patterns.

    Eednic, thanks!

    Thanks, K! I love chrystanthemums.

    Wendy, you know it! Thank you, Salvation Army!

  5. Love this dress. And OK OK!~ I will try the push-ups ;P

  6. Me too - it's a gorgeous pattern. Woo, go for it!

  7. Such beautiful colors! It makes me happy just looking at such a fun print.

  8. What a beautiful dress :-)

    could it be of uk origin? (re the sizing query?)

  9. The patteren on this dress is really popping. I really like this look.

  10. Love the print, the colors are so lovely...and the shoes w/it are PERFECT...but...

    *you* are TOTALLY a Goddess for coming up with the push-up idea!!! I have just been to physical therapy and am trying to increase my upperbody strength as well -- I'm going to ask my PT if I can try your scheme. Oh, and I soooo had to laugh at your T-rex reference -- you are too funny :D


  11. Thanks, FA, me too!

    Tat - I wondered that too, but it lists the UK sizes on the tag (UK size 12). Thanks!

    Thanks, Jan-nini!

    Kayleigh, thank you! I hope it will be something that you can do - and if you can't do 10, then try 5...and if you can't do them on a counter, do them against the wall. Anything will make a difference. I'm amazed at how well it's worked for me.

  12. I need to try those counter push-ups on my down time. Great idea!

  13. Awesome, Hillary! I hope they work for you.


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