Thursday, November 19, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Party Dress or Black Cutouts?

In the first corner, we have our burgundy party dress, as seen here and here. It's worn with a black and white pinstriped shirt, belted with the fab Shi Studio belt.
And in the second corner, we have the boots: leather with intricate cutouts, bought on consignment.
The stuff:
Rar! It's the teeth necklace!

Hee, look who was licking his lips in the corner:
Who will get the KO?

Will it be Boots or Dress?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
Damn, that's a cute cat! free polls
Dress (Maggie London), shirt (Esprit, consignment), belt (Shi Studios), grey fishnets (Ellen Tracy), boots (Zara, consignment).


  1. Ooh, I just love that teeth necklace--this whole ensemble is kickass!


  2. I love the dress...but the cut outs on the boots might just bring me to the dark side! And I love the teeth necklace

  3. Thanks, Julia! Love your blog!

    Thanks, K - I fell in love with these boots when I found them.

  4. RAWR!!!! LOL.

    I am loving your theme this week.

    (my verification code is reptoloo. Is that a bathroom for snakes and lizards??)

  5. Thanks, Tina! Glad you are enjoying it. Hee, I get a kick out of the verifications.

  6. I love how you put the jacket over the sheath dress. Very sophisticated!

  7. Thanks, FA! That's a button-down shirt layered over the dress, actually.


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