Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Blue Mood or Blood Red?

Onto our next match-up! Today's outfit features my other sweater dress, and my blood red patent boots, which are recently resurrected from the "I don't know if these are appropriate for work" pile and are now part of the "Of course I can wear these to work" collection.
I layered my grey striped shirt underneath this dress (strangely, I have never done this before! Oh, the doors blogging opens!), added a pair of L's cufflinks.
I had colour issues with my camera, so have played with the colour balance until the blue and red came out right. I'm not really that pink in the face, though.

These are my new tights that I got last week:
They are by Emilio Cavallini - wow, they have some cool tights.

The stuff:
My boots now need to be re-heeled. After wearing them to work on Hallowe'en, I got stuck on the bus coming home due to protesters trying to disrupt the Olympic torch relay. After sitting on the bus for 1/2 and hour, the passengers were allowed to get off the bus...but the protesters were still blocking the route, so I had to walk home in these. Eeeeee...most grumpy-making.

A close-up of the cufflinks and my vintage 50s necklace:
Well, what's it going to be?
The dress or the boots?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
I like the Olympics.
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Dress (Vero Moda), shirt (Club Monaco, consignment), belt (Plum), boots (Aldo), tights (Emilio Cavallini), cufflinks (70s, vintage), necklace (50s, vintage).


  1. Ok, can't vote on this one... I love them both! Very cute!

  2. Those are some fierce boots, but they look amazing with the blue! Look at you rocking them...

  3. There is so much to love about this outfit. I love the boots, I love the blue sweater dress, I love wearing a shirt under the sweater dress! Dah-ling, you look MA-volous.

  4. I'm glad the boots were rescued from the outcast pile. They are HOT!

    I also really like the shirt layered under the sweater dress. Very sharp.

  5. Im loving this shirt under the dress! Your man has some good looking cuff links!

  6. Thanks, Alison!

    Kendra, thanks very much - and welcome and thank you for posting!

    Tina, you are so sweet, thanks!

    Kasmira, totally! I can't believe these sat unworn in my closet for nearly 2 years! Thank you so much.

    K, thanks! Yes, L has an awesome collection of cufflinks.

  7. OOooooo, this is the BEST OUTFIT EVER! I LOVE every single part of it, from the boots to the tights to the layering with the dress.

  8. Thanks, Kristen!

    Ha, thanks, FA, that is a rousing endorsement indeed.

  9. Thanks, anks, and thank you for commenting! Welcome!


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