Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Funeral for a Friend

After having yesterday off, today felt like Monday. It didn't help that we watched "Saving Private Ryan" last night (it always makes me weep buckets - I cry at pretty much everything), and then had our friend Al's memorial to go to. We weren't really close to him and his family, but we still go way back and some of our close friends were good friends with him. Dead at 43, of a brain aneursym. God. Makes you appreciate life.

So, what I wore to a funeral:
The classic black dress, houndstooth jacket, non-standard striped tights and green shoes. I took the bus today, so here's my outerwear shot:
My cloche hat, scarf and leather gloves.

A close-up of the tights:
Groovy texture! They are by Filodoro (made in Italy) and I got them 50% the original price of $20.

The stuff:
I really love those shoes. That's a bracelet that my brother and I gave Mom for Christmas back in the 70s - I remember buying it at Birks with Dad. *smile*

Update: I'm still doing my counter push-ups!
My biceps/triceps look pretty much the same, but now I'm seeing some definition in the shoulders. And I'm looking at you, arm akimbo! Not looking too flabby now! Ha!

Wine and burritos await me. Have a good night, and tell your friends you love them.

Dress (Esprit), jacket (Smart Set), tights (Filodoro), shoes (Hilary Radley, consignment), bracelet (Birks, Mom's, vintage 70s).


  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Sheila. Close or not, a death of a friend is a blow. That's awful.

    I really love your shoes and your houndstooth jacket. They are so cute and add great texture to a darker-than-usual outfit.

  2. That's a gorgeous jacket, but I am soooooo very sorry you had to wear it to such a sad occassion. It really does make you appreciate life and the time we are given to spend with our loved ones. ((HUGS)) Sorry for the loss of your friend :(

  3. I'm so sorry. And dressing for a funeral is HARD. You don't want to look too showy and is it a fmaily that hates the "all black thing". Dress or pants? Accessorize or not? And trying to deal with all of that while you are sad and your spirit crushed? Not fun. But you did a really nice job.

  4. A sad occasion, but you looked fabulous. I also know someone who died young of a brain aneurism recently. Scary, and so devastating to all who knew him.

    Hey I have started doing you pee push-ups. My arms are killing me today. But I really want arms like you!!

  5. Im so sorry about your friend. That is a really hard thing to go through.

    Your tights are amazing! I love them. Big.

  6. It's so sad when someone so young dies.I'm sorry for your loss, even if you were not close.

  7. So sad about your firend - that's the sma eage as me. Makes youthink!#But a great outfit by the way!

  8. Thanks, Kari. It's still a shock to have someone so close in age die so suddenly. Thanks! I couldn't go completely bland.

    FA, thanks so much. Yes, I feel very grateful for the wonderful people in my life, and that includes my fellow bloggers!

    Thanks, Erin. Yes, it is hard - and I also wore this to work all day. I usually just go with a black dress and subdued accessories.

    Thanks, Sherylyn. It's so horrible, isn't it? I emailed you - that's awesome about the pushups! You go, girl!

    Thanks, K. I love the tights too.

    Thanks, nurmisur.

    Jane, yes, so awful, especially for his family. Thanks so much.

  9. Sorry to hear about your friend Al. That is so sad. Take care.

  10. Thanks so much, Alison. I appreciate that.


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