Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's All a Big Blur

I meant to do a push-ups update, but forgot to take my pictures. You must take my word for it that my pipes are large. I feel strong! I can open jars!

Here's a picture of me looking like a bouncer:
"You're not going to come in here wearing THAT, are you?"

Heh heh.

I was mostly displeased with this outfit, especially the top half. This jacket, while a great colour and made of the Best Fabric Ever (velvet, duh), just doesn't fit very well. It's also a bit long for my torso. Add to the list of things I must replace.

I do love the skirt though: Twirl, twirl! I look like an impressionist painting. Or not.

The stuff: The glory that are my Fluevog boots! The great bigass yellow bangle! The awesome necklace from Cat! And of course, the painty skirt.

Gotta go...day off tomorrow - thank you, BC, for making Remembrance Day a stat holiday! And of course, a deep and heartfelt thank you for all of the Canadian war veterans. Peace.

Jacket (RW & Co), cami (InWear), skirt (Nine West), boots (Fluevog), bangle (thrifted), necklace (gift from Cat), earrings (gift from L).


  1. Loves the boots! Have a fab day off tomorrow!

  2. Bouncer LOL!!! Love your boots.

    When I lived in Canada I always pinned the red poppy on my coat! Now I see them only if I watch the BBC around the end of October - the brits sport them as well (why don't we get Canadian TV on cable???!!!)

  3. I love the colors in that skirt. They look like a beautiful swirl of autumn leaves.

    Maybe the jacket would go better with pants since it's on the longer side?

  4. The heels on those boots are BRILLIANT. Yay for twirling blurry skirts too!

  5. Well, you're the most fashionable bouncer I've ever seen!

  6. Thanks, Hillary - it was so nice to be off. Yeah, I love those boots.

    Tanya, what, not tough enough? Hah! Yes, we always wear the poppies, because of "In Flanders Fields", the poem by the Canadian John McRae. You're not missing anything by not getting Canuck TV.

    Kari, that's what I love about it too. Yeah, the jacket is good with jeans. I need a shorter one for more waist definition.

    Kristen, the heels are really wood! Yay for twirling!

    Tina, why thank you! Now, can I see some ID, please?


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