Friday, November 20, 2009

Boots Vs. Dress Week - Jean Dress or Big Bird Boots?

And Boots Vs. Dress Week concludes with what else but the denim dress (it being Casual Friday at work and all)?

Hello, all!
And of course, I had to do the yellow boots with it! I couldn't do a boot week without the yellow boots!
Funky tights, eh? More grooviness. I almost layered hot pink tights under these but thought I was already pushing this for work. Heh.

The stuff:
Yellow rules....but what wins this round?

Will it be Boots or Dress?
The dress!
The boots!
I'm not particularly bothered about either of them
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Dress (Ricki's), turtleneck (Plum), boots (Aldo, consignment), tights (Ellen Tracy), bangle (thrifted), belt (consignment).


  1. Thanks, Alison! This has been a really fun week.

  2. What a week....I just can't imagine walking in the boots all day, so would have to vote for the dress! Nice to see your week in review....and know what I am missing. Love the yellow boots though....amazing. Hope you have a great weekend....Bonnie

  3. I love the boots--very tricky, I think, to pull off but you do it well. I have to say, as well, that is a GREAT jean dress. I went through a phase where I tried frantically to find a jean dress, and I ended up buying three, I think, but I never wore them because I just felt so frumpy in them. They were litte slipp-ish things, and I ended up giving them away. The structure on this is fabulous, just what a jeans dress needs.


  4. Those boots are wild! I loveth the denim dress.

  5. I hope you'll post pictures of the French Connection skirt--I want to see how you style it. I'm sure it will be awesome!


  6. Thanks, Bonnie! The boots are not so bad - especially since I'm at my desk most of the day.

    Thanks, Julia! The jean dress was SO cheap (like, $20?) in a junior store in a little tiny coastal town - I got it a couple of years ago.

    FA - thanks!

    Julia - oh, I totally will! I'll be wearing it this week, for sure. It's so weird how that skirt came along - and I'm on the west coast of Canada! Couldn't get much farther apart, could we?


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